Avaya demos self-service kiosk, other mobile tools in Nigeria

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Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications

Avaya is a solutions provider that enables customer and team engagement across multiple channels and devices. Today, the company concluded a tour of Nigeria, during which it demonstrated its products to more than 150 government and enterprise customers and partners.

Hatem Hariri, managing director for Avaya in NWECA said: ”We are currently working on a number of large scale, transformation projects with the government, oil and gas and service providers, to migrate existing legacy communication systems to more engaging, video-enabled, mobile-driven environments.”

One of the mobile engagement solutions presented at the Lagos roadshow is the video-enabled, ATM like self-service kiosk, whereby customers of any bank in the country can transact with the bank’s call center, by video, virtual collaboration, email, social media, chat, SMS or phone, and to even switch between devices while talking to the same bank agent. With self-service kiosks, customers can instantly receive and securely apply for instant banking products and services such as, credit and debit cards, banking statements and loan applications, amongst others.

Avaya said that the self-service kiosks are one scenario of how mobile engagement environments can be created and tailored to solve specific business challenges. These solutions and services are designed to enable Nigerians to work, learn, and transact from anywhere in the country, using any mobile, computing or wearable device.

Hatem Hariri, Managing Director for Avaya NWECA said: “Nigeria is going through a phenomenal transformation. With the highest Internet penetration in Africa, the youngest majority population and being the largest economy, we see this transformation driven by a revolutionary deployment of technology that delivers more value to the country’s people, despite economic challenges.”


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