Background images for Live Tiles coming to a Windows Phone near you soon

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Windows Phone background images

While I am not a fan of the rumour mill, this one has got me excited. Background images have always floated my boat, but have you seen a background image on Windows Phone’s home screen? It looks absolutely fabulous! A chosen background image actually skins all Live Tiles on the home. I gather that this feature, alongside others, is coming with Windows Phone 8.1.

This also means that if you want your Tiles a certain colour but that is not available as an option, you can create or download an image of that colour, and, presto!

Looking forward to this!



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  1. @MisterMobility:
    Looking forward to it too. Especially since its going to be optional. If I don’t like it, I’ll just turn it off. Can’t understand why a lot of techies (in forums I’ve read) don’t seem to want it.

    Options are always welcome in my opinion.

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