iTunes might not always be there for you when you need to back up your iPhone. Therefore, here are some ways to backup iPhone without

How to backup iPhone without iTunes

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iTunes might not always be there for you when you need to back up your iPhone. Therefore, here are some ways to backup iPhone without iTunes.

Replacing a broken iPhone screen is not so difficult. However, replacing the content on your iPhone when it gets damaged, or lost, might prove to be a bit difficult, especially if you did not back it up beforehand. You might want to check out ways to back up your phone without iTunes.


This is an alternative to iTunes that allows you transfer files from your iPhone to your PC or Mac. All you need to do is connect your iDevice to your computer, and you can start managing your content. You still need iTunes installed, though.backup iPhone without iTunes


This is a freemium app for iOS, Android and other platforms, which is designed to create a backup of your data and store it in the cloud. You can access this backup by visiting the developer’s website. After the first backup, Phonecopy syncs your data for easy and quick backups. Also, it saves a history of your previous backups, so you can easily recover anything you might have accidentally deleted.


This is a way to backup iPhone without iTunes which does not require the cloud network to function. It’s simply a way to back up your data and get to it without an internet connection if you want to. To use CopyTrans, download the software suite from the developers site and t=connect your iPhone as usual. Next, select the type of data you want to back up within the CopyTrans Control Center and your device from the resulting drop-down menu, then click on the backup button.


This is another way to backup iPhone without iTunes that does not require an internet connection. However, this time around, this software works directly with your iTunes backup to recover notes, messages, contacts, voice memos and other things you might have deleted accidentally. The software is able to retrieve more than 15 types of files, including files from older devices like iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4


This is a free app that automatically saves your contacts in the cloud. If you want to recover your contacts, all you need to do is visit the developer’s website. Furthermore, the app can help you locate your phone if you lose it or cannot remember where you last saw it. Lookout can also ring your phone if you need it to, and it also has a feature that remotely wipes your phone of important information. all these can be found on iCloud too. But Lookout also provides basic security against malware.



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