Bad Behaviour: ISP, Tizeti, blocks user over service complaints

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In bizarre news, a subscriber to Lagos-based ISP, Tizeti, has said that the service provider has blocked her on Twitter and locked their Twitter account because she tweeted complaints about their bad service. According to the subscriber, the ISP hasn’t responded to her emails in 5 days.

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You may want to follow this thread to see how it all went down:

You don’t reply email for days. The customer complains on Twitter. You block her and lock your Twitter account. Is this not bad behaviour by the company? Horrible customer service. These Tizeti people should come and try this with me and see how it will end. But they won’t get the chance, because I won’t be patronising them. Tizeti runs with coverage in Lagos.


  1. Try you and then what? Nothing. You too will be blocked! Interesting enough, if you follow the comments after some of the posts, you will see other people have had problems on their estates with Tizeti’s internet service. I don’t know if they too will be blocked, but I can only assume Tizeti is a small company that can’t deal with the “hassle” on social media.

    Maybe they’re in over their heads, but to block their Twitter account is funny. They don’t want to hear what people have to say about them?

  2. Tolerance is key.

    I don’t think this is any worse that a blog owner blocking someone from commenting because the commenter is particularly obnoxious, outspoken or antagonistic.

    .. Speak and let speak… should be the name of the game.

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