About 30 minutes ago, I jumped awake and wondered why. Usually, I coast out of my sleep. I jump when something prompts it. There was

Bad Weed Alert: “TECNO Camon CM Is Better Than Pixel 2 XL”

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About 30 minutes ago, I jumped awake and wondered why. Usually, I coast out of my sleep. I jump when something prompts it. There was a sound coming from somewhere outside the house. I lay there in the sweltering heat listening and eventually the sound went away. But I was awake now and going back to sleep would be a tall order. So, I picked up my phone and found myself strolling through the streets of the phone section of Nairaland. It was there that I saw a topic titled, “Why The Tecno Camon CM Is Better Than The Pixel 2 XL”.

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I needed no psychological tests to know that someone has been smoking a bad strain of weed. And it has to be the kind of weed that makes you say and do the dumbest things ever. Like hop around on one leg and pretend to be a chimpanzee. Or face an oncoming trailer and be warning the driver that you will jam him if he doesn’t swerve away from you. It has to be that horrible kind of weed.

Because there is no way in heaven, on earth, in limbo, in purgatory, or in hell that the Camon CM or any Camon in existence right now is anywhere close to being half as good as Google Pixel 2 XL.

Yes; TECNO’s marketers often get ahead of themselves. I suspect that they belong to the group of marketers who will not make heaven. Perhaps every now and then at a departmental meeting, the marketing lead tells them that weed is great for confidence and so great for telling stories.

“If you smoke weed, you will be invincible on the field,” s/he tells the enthusiastic team. “You will be able to convince an Eskimo to buy ice from you!” And someone decided to give it a try but ended up purchasing the worst strain of the substance.

The result is this absurd claim that Camon CM is better than Pixel 2 XL.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want the best camera phone in the world right now and you can afford it, go buy the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. It is the undisputed best camera phone produced in 2017. Also consider iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series, LG V30/G6 and others in that class.

TECNO’s own current flagship, the Phantom 8, is not even in the same class as the above-listed top dogs in terms of photography, and even that is miles better than the Camon CM.

Do not listen to people who smoke bad weed. Not only might you end up with buyer’s remorse after buying their whacked recommendation, you just might end up smoking whatever brand of weed they are smoking and start talking like nuts are loose in your head too.

If interested in the best camera phones, we have the authoritative list of the best camera phones in the market right now. You can take that list to the bank.


  1. Lol, Tecno and Infinix marketers on Nairaland always make me wonder, they always go overboard.

  2. This is not what the Nairaland poster talked about.

    I say A is better than Y and you say A is not even as good as Q?

  3. I don’t do weed (refined or raw), but I do plenty of pure cold natural water.. Maybe I took too much of the stuff yesterday night . .

    But this article doesn’t state what the Nairaland guy conserved before make his assertion.

    Did he just gave a a blanket Superiority Crown to the Tecno, or he focused on Camera alone (I didn’t read the Nairaland story and no link was given in this article)?

    For instance, I don’t give a hoot about camera ability on phones, so someone shouting about how good the camera on a smartphone on a phone is is wasting his life on me.


    But I was awake nowadays going back to sleep would be a tall order.

    Medically, if one doesn’t get up in the night to weewee like twice, isn’t some plumbing work required? .

  4. I don’t know the angle you’re writing from but this write up is all wrong… The fact you think the Camon CM can’t be compare to the Pixel doesn’t mean the Camon CM…. everyone have preference and freedom to air their views and opinion.

  5. I do not understand the point of this post tbh. I sense that your problem isn’t with the comparison or the author of the NL post but with the Tecno brand. What happened Mr Mo? they refused to give you a review unit and you’re pained?

  6. Some comments here are a lot more funny sef 😂😂😂😂😂

    Very delusional and tragic as f**k

  7. Just enjoy the show, Chuks. Great comedy. Maybe a Nollywood scriptwriter will stumble on it and create a movie out of it all.

    Somebody woke up and dared to compare Camon CM with Google Pixel 2 XL. I never see.

  8. Comparing a Tecno Camon CM with a Google Pixel 2 XL is like comparing an Innoson with Mercedes where do u even start the comparison.

  9. Lol. This is comedy. Which kind comparison be that? Truth be told the Pixel is in a world of it’s own. Haven’t seen the Tecno CM but the hype is positive.

  10. This comparison is off key. But then again not everyone can afrord a high end phone like the Pixel. Let those that like the Tecno enjoy their phones too.

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