Just when we thought that the mobile operating system (OS) system had gotten hot enough with the introduction of OSX, Android, and Web OS, Samsung

Bada joins Symbian, OSX, WinMo, Android, Web OS, Maemo & Blackberry

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Just when we thought that the mobile operating system (OS) system had gotten hot enough with the introduction of OSX, Android, and Web OS, Samsung has pulled a rabbit out of their hat and its bada!

Bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung claims that Bada will enable developers to create applications for millions of new Samsung mobile phones, and consumers to enjoy a fun and diverse mobile experience.

Source: Samsung Launches Open Mobile Platform


  1. While variety is the spice of (Mobile OS) life, I really do not know what Samsung hopes to achieve by yet another mobile OS. Maybe SonyEricsson (and others) will wake up tomorrow and launch its own OS too. Then we will have a true nightmare on our hands!

    It is about time that mobile manufacturers agree among themselves to start developing ‘open’ phones that allow the user to choose what operating system (OS) to install on their phone (just like in the PC world). By doing this, the technology world will have taken that final step that is capable of eliminating and replacing PCs/notebooks/netbooks as we know them today.Surely no one would want to buy (today) a PC that has the OS hardcoded into its ROM!

  2. Trully,there is a war of OS(es) going on and think the frontline is drawn between the Apple os and the REST.

    Just as Apple changed the way we use our computer when it brought a Mouse to the desktop so it now brought a mobile phone experience that will change the way we use our phones forever. One can hardly imagine what phones would look like in this era without the coming of an Iphone.

    Yes, before iphone there were phones that could play music,videos, access internet,send emails, and download applications,but the apple rethink the whole mobile experience and produced a polished user interface in contrast with what people were used to.This gave the apple’s CEO Steve Job the courage to bounce on stage at San Francisco in 2007 to give a speech to apple fans.He made his intention very clear when he said “Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Today apple is going to reinvent the phone”.

    Yet, despite all the good things about the iphone it is obviously not the perfect march for all people. There are others who still feel it is not multitasking,it has low specs,low battery life.I personally feel that iphone may be smart but not intelligent.Infact recently, CNET.UK described iphone as the worst phone ever for it poorness in terms of basics phone functionalities like making calls /recieving calls but unargueably the best in screen sensitivity, multimedia,and web browsing.

    Before the iphone other vendors strategies was to upgrade their phones bit by bit: better camera,brighter screen,larger memory just to make the new device more attractive.The iphone on the other hand was sexy, very easy to use with a highly responsive screen, and since its arrival, there has been stampede into making high end phones, hence, the emergence of various os.

    The blackberry rushed out it touchscreen ,blackberry Storm with RIM os,nokia release 5800,N97 etc with symbian os 5th edition,microsoft introduces it winmobile on s.e X1 xperia,Samsung omnia etc.The google brought best names in mobile developer community to develop Android os. Already the likes of samsung,acer,LG,HTC,motorola and Sonyericsson has used it on their phones.Palm has released and used its webOs on its pre.Nokia has come out with another Linux-based maemo5 already used on it most anticipated N900 to be released hopefully on16th nov,09.Perhaps maemo os and symbian could combine forces as nokia double edged Sword to fight iphone os or any other os, for it to maintain it mobile dominance.

    Now as if that was not enough, samsung is out with its own os called bada meaning ‘Ocean’ in korean language.The battle still rages ,who can survive this battle ? Only time shall tell.But all the consumers needs is phone capabilities NOT Os(es)!

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