BankyW and a stolen smartphone at All White Party

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Losing a smartphone to a robber is not a nice experience. Mister Mobility’s Lumia 930 was stolen only last month. This weekend, popular singer, BankyW was victim at the recent DJ Xclusive All White Party where someone nicked his smartphone.


Which Phone Was BankyW Carrying?

He has not disclosed which phone got stolen, but judging from his reaction to the incidence, it was clearly one that was precious to him. His words:

“To the person that stole my phone.. when anything bad happens in ur life, remember that U brought this upon yourself #100fold #ItsGodThatWillPayYouBack”

As a Samsung Ambassador, however, could it be a Galaxy S6? That would qualify as a device that is painful to lose; wouldn’t it?

As Mister Mo said after the loss of his phone, the robbery won’t change the robber’s life and isn’t enough to change his own life either. Good luck to small minded people who think that stealing phones is their ticket to a better life.


  1. My brother it’s the level of poverty in the country. such thieves don’t think of tomorrow. they only think of today. may we never experience such level of poverty. amen.

  2. @Mark, this isn’t about poverty at any level,mint is about greed. The person who stole Mister Mo or Banky W’s phone probably isn’t desperate for food, it was simply opportunistic.

    I don’t believe in juju “prayers” – if you want to call them that – but what you sow, you reap. Even if the stealers of the respective phones, or any phone or property for that matter, have a bad experience or encounter something similar happening to them, they will never trace it back to what they did to someone else. They don’t think like that.

    When society is filled with selfish and self serving people, unfortunately these things will happen. Once the bitterness of this experience has passed, Banky W and Mister Mo (and the poor staff member who was in the unfortunate position of having the phone stolen whilst in their possession) will move on to better things.

  3. It is the rot in our system. Greed. Just think of the soap opera classic. ‘the rich also cry’. This goes to the thief. Corporate thieves?

  4. Eternal vigilance is key. You let down your hair, others capitalize.

    That would qualify as a device that is painful to lose; wouldn’t it?

    Not necessarily. I don’t think it’s about the phone itself, but the contents. Often, the contents of the phone is multiple times more important than the phone itself

    Even if it’s a Samsung Galaxy s6, how much is that to a star like Bank W? He can probably buy ten like it and not think a thing of it.

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