The Nokia 5230 XpressMusic is a no-frills touchscreen handset that features HSDPA, accelerometer, a 2 megapixel camera and runs Symbian OS on a 434MHz processor.

Bargain Hunter Tip: Nokia 5230 XpressMusic

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nokia 5230 xpressmusic phonesThe Nokia 5230 XpressMusic is a no-frills touchscreen handset that features HSDPA, accelerometer, a 2 megapixel camera and runs Symbian OS on a 434MHz processor.

What makes it a bargain hunter delight is the price: the 5230 is available for between N26,000 and N29,000 in the market.

But for that price, here are the things that you will find missing: no memory card and data cable in the sales package, no USB charging, no WiFi, and no office document viewer, among a few others.

Still, regardless of its handicaps, the fact that this device is HSDPA-enabled makes it a very attractive option to mobile internet jocks.

If you are on limited funds and need a budget smartphone that will deliver broadband internet, perhaps the 5230 XM is exactly what you need. Should you require a hardware QWERTY keyboard, look in the direction of its sibling, Nokia E63 (just 3G; no HSDPA), or its Windows Mobile cousin, the Samsung B7320 (with HSDPA).


  1. the 5230 is a marriage of the pricier 5800 and the 5330. The important issues to look at are the absence of wifi and a 2mp camera.

    For me the camera can pass. I seldom care for anything beyond 2MP anyway. If you snap at full 2MP resolution and try to send as MMS, your phone credit is at stake. If you want it for anything else the resolution is sure to be too small. I am sure that this is the reason that MMS is yet to catch on. My 12MP Nikon DSLR camera is my first choice for a camera period.

    Now the wifi…. I can let that one pass too cos (i) There are no reliable city wide wifi networks in Nigeria (ii) Which IT department will give you access to your corporate network so you can surf on a phone at work? (iii) if you have wifi at home it makes better sense to surf on your laptop or desktop.

    Apart from the two obvious trade off, the phone has A-GPS, HSDPA 3.6Mbps, proximity sensor, accelerometer, 70MB internal storage, upto 16GB micro SD support and a host of other goodies. All for N29,000? its a steal. Yea there are no cables in the pack, micro SD and so on but one can live without it. I mean to expect more at this price is really asking for too much. Great package, excellent price

  2. Just bought the 5230 for my wife. Chose it over the Samsung Corby because this 5230 is a full smartphone. I also own the Nokia 5800. The 5230 is a slightly stripped-down version of the Nokia 5800. Predictably, i have been comparing the two handsets.

    Wheras I got the 5800 for 49,000 about a month after the phone came out, I got the 5230 for 26k a week ago! So, I have been asking myself if the features missing in the 5230 compared to the 5800 is worth 23k. I doubt it!

    The camera in the 5230 seems to outperform the 5800’s @ least when placed side by side! 3.2megaPixel Carl Zeiss autofocus camera compared to 2.0 fixed-focus noname. Strange!

    The display of the 5230 also seems brighter than the 5800(out of direct sunlight, where the 5800 shows a better class).

    Kinetic scrolling is ubiquitous on the 5230. With the latest firmware update on the 5800, the ‘kineto’ is now operative in most lists. The update also makes the home screen of both phones identical.

    No WLan nor tv-out on 5230. The sound on the 5230 is monaural while 5800 is stereophonic

    The copy of the 5230 came with a 2Gig memory card. A manual, earphone and a charger. Really minimalist.

    All in all, I think the pricing for this 5230 is even more attractive than the 5800 was/is. The price difference between the two cousins is too astronomical viz-a-viz the missing features.

    If you do not need wi-fi, tv-out, there is no reason on earth why you should not pick this 5230 over the disproportionately more expensive 5800…

  3. 1. Low-cost devices have always been the money-spinner in the smartphone world.
    2. Nokia has had a hold on the low-cost end of the smartphone world and still reigns in that area
    3. Nokia will continue to smile to the bank


    The 5230 is a good one. I think I might buy one myself.

  4. In addition to the Nokia 5230, similar bargain phones (with remarkable physical and technological similarity / resemblance to 5800) are:
    5235 and 5530. Before deciding on the 5230, examine these two.

    If you just love Nokia touchphones, and price is not too much of an issue, also check out the n97, n97 mini and x6. They are all from the same stable..

  5. Now comes the 5230. Nokia keeps lowering the price bar. Its a steal for that price and i think i’ll buy one for my boy who has been longing for a symbian touch since the day he saw my 5800.

    I agree with all previous comments but i have a bit of an ambivalence towards this phone because it looks too much like my 5800. I was at a scientific meeting when one of my junior colleagues saw my 5800 and pointed it to his friend saying … “CHIDI, SEE THAT CHEAP NOKIA 5230 TOUCH I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE OTHER DAY”

    Why should nokia make them look so similar??? I bought my phone last year february for N52,000. I don’t consider that cheap and my phone doesn’t deserve that kind of comment. I would have been happier if the comparison had been with nokia n97.

  6. Deoladoctor,

    Get a BlackBerry and you’ll never have to worry about your phone being compared with anything cheap again!

    But seriously now, while Nokia has been guilty of this, others like Samsung and LG especially are catching on. So it looks like we are actually in for more of such sad comparisons.

  7. I ve been using this phone now for over 3 weeks. Do I need to tell ya all that it is a feature-rich smartphone even though wifi and some other features have been delibrately left out to bring down its price. 3G and GPS have compensated for wifi’s absence.

    The camera is below par when compared with 5800 but it can out perform some touchscreen phones. It has very good audio output(if u are a music freak like me, this should get you hooked).

    The user interface is also decent looking, good to work with and it respond to touch well.

    Guys, make a dash for this phone if you want a device that has got premium features at a give away price. This is surely for bargain hunters!

  8. does anybody know what the current street price is? i’m hankering for a touch screen phone

  9. nokia has released quite a number of low-end phones this year, making hte best and important features on a mobile phone available at low crazily low prices. This phone has actually come down from 2500 to 2200 naira at omegatron int.
    When you look at it, the only difference between this and the almighty 5800 is the wlan and 3.2mp camera too 2 mp on the 5230. these two are feaures that you can easily do without. The 5230 still has GPS with free lifetime navigation ACCELEROMETER for motion sensing like in those racing games that you steer the car by tilting the phone like you are actually holding the steering wheel. the size of the screen iss still the same- you’ll definately love watching videos on it.the 2gb should be enough space for lots of tracks and a few movies and the kinetic scrolling and all the other effizy on the UI is even better than on the 5800. Another thing is that the 5230 and the 6800 look exactly the same so you can tell anyone that you use a 5800 and they’ll instantly believe
    now when you think of it the price difference between the 5800 and he 5230 is 18000. so is it that wlan and 3.2mp res cost 18000?
    In fact I’m off to buy this phone today. some other good bargains are nokia c5, 2710 and 6700 check them out.

  10. my friends if you are intrested in the cheapest yet effective and good new generation touch screen phone with good value for its money then dont even waste your time nokia 5230 is what i have just described above. the price is now cheap. you can get it for 24,000.

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