Battery Kings: The Infinix Hot Note vs The Gionee M2

The Gionee M2 and Infinix Hot Note are the first Android devices to come to Nigeria with huge battery capacities. Right after the release of Gionee M2, I knew it will be my next gadget. Mr. Mo’s review of it encouraged me the more, and after extra online research, I bought it for myself. Has been bliss since then till the Infinix Hot Note came along.

There was a point where I had both the Gionee M2 and Infinix Hot Note – two battery kings- It was unnecessary to lug about two power banks as phones. One had to go, a decision had to be made. Which of these devices did I pick and what affected the decision?

Below is a breakdown of key specs from both devices:

Gionee M2:

Infinix Hot Note:

Going spec by spec, the Infinix Hot Note beats the Gionee M2 in many fronts – Bigger, sharper display, faster processor and fast charging. The Gionee M2 only bests it with a slightly higher battery rating of 4200mAh. Naturally, one would go for the former over latter. Oh well, I picked the Gionee M2 and here’s why:

Let’s not forget the Gionee M2 came with Android jellybean 4.1.2 which was duly updated it to KitKat that works flawlessly. This has given me the hope that someday, maybe we might just get Lollipop. For the Infinix Hot Note, there are no such guarantees, at least none that I’ve heard of.

Secondly, screen size matters to me. My small fingers already struggle to comfortably wield the 5-inch of the Gionee M2. Bumping up further to a 5.5 inch screen would just make things much more weirder.

Lastly, Custom ROM’s!! Oh how sweet they can be 😉 .With the Gionee M2 there are over 35 custom ROM’s and counting. With each new ROM offering a new feel like you just bought a new device. Currently I’m using a Sony Xperia E4 Dual ROM. Super cool isn’t it?

The battery life of the Gionee M2 still takes me through 2 days of steady 3G usage. What more could a geek ask for? I held on to the Gionee jare.


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