Battery life is the new smartphone revolution

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Its about time too. For years, smartphone users mostly suffered poor battery life. Many have grown weary of carrying about power banks. Now, it looks like if you hate nursing a smartphone day in and out, you can smile. On all sides, the new smartphone brands are attacking battery capacity with a fury.


From Gionee’s early runs with 4,000 mAh capacity batteries in their (Gionee M2) smart phone, we now have more brands pushing the envelope. 5000 mAh. Now even 6000 mAh. We are inching closer to the days in which our phones ran for two or more days in a single charge, which is a good thing.

Be sure to note how the major brands are mostly ignoring the trend. Apart from a handful of phablets with really good battery life, the old boys are comfortably fiddling with everything else but batteries. That was how they ignored dual-SIM technology until the new kids ate a sizable chunk of their pie. History will repeat itself, it seems.

Battery life is the new revolution. Emerging markets are the theaters of this war.

We can bear witness to the likes of Gionee, Innjoo, and Infinix pushing the limits to offering us value for money phones with great battery life.

The first attempts at packing huge batteries into modern smartphones were understandably bulky affairs. But smart phones have since gotten thinner and thinner that a 8.9-inch thick phone (Infinix Hot Note) can comfortably hold a 4000 mAh battery now.

That’s a revolution in battery power. A much needed revolution.


  1. Why are major brands not pushing the increased battery life? Afraid patronage may drop?
    I know I hate carrying power banks and chargers around so when I heard of infinix hot note, I didn’t need a prophet to tell me to get one. I’m so enjoying now…

  2. The battery life is what has made me look away from the big guns like Samsung, HTC. Why in this time and age will you be making a so-called flagship device and saddle it with less than 3,000mAh battery rating? Abomination!

    I don’t care if Gionee, Infinix, etc are less fanciful. As long as they pack enough juice and will get the job done, heaven knows I’ll continue to look in their direction.

  3. truth… from a Samsung faithful to her greatest critic, when m2 had/has all the boxes ticked

  4. abi… got my sights n prayers on m5 already.. Samsung kor, who needs smart stay, smart lag or smart heat.. Samsung= making ram pretty useless since 19**

  5. They sure will soon enough.
    As soon as they realize a good number of their customers are no more

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