Battery Life on the HTC Touch Pro2

Back in May, I published my review of the N900’s battery life.

While an awesome device, the N900 has been somewhat crippled by the smaller capacity battery (1320 mAh) that Nokia fitted it with. It is passable, but somewhere along the line, it will get to you.

In my extreme test, the N900 shut down after two hours.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see how well the HTC Touch Pro2 with its 1500 mAh would do. I left home at 6.45a.m. with a 95% battery charge, and kept a Bluetooth headset connection active all the way on a 2-hour journey to Ilaro. The Bluetooth connection was also active on the return journey of another 2 hours.

tp2 mine

Meanwhile, the TP2 was connecting to my email server every 5 minutes. I managed three calls and a handful of SMSs. At Ilaro, I also took 18 pictures.

On return to Lagos, I headed straight to church and then to my sister’s place. I didn’t get home till after 5p.m., and I had 30% battery power left. Running the N900 with 5-minute email connections alone would have killed the battery hours before this time. To get through the day, I had to make do with setting the N900 to connect every at intervals of 15, 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the circumstances.

This morning, I gave the TP2 an extreme test – with 5-minute email connections over a 3G network, 10 SMSes, two calls running into 10 minutes, plus watching a 1 hour 37 minute movie, Unthinkable, on the TP2.

Well, after all that, I still had 40% power left. Thereafter I had to dash out. Certainly, the TP2 battery life is looking very good compared to the N900’s. Not bad for a device with a 3.6-inch display and very loud speakers.

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