Battery Reader is an app that keeps you informed about the status of your phone battery by reading out the battery level. The app can

Battery Reader: Let your Android device read you its battery level

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Battery Reader is an app that keeps you informed about the status of your phone battery by reading out the battery level. The app can be configured to read out in a male or female voice. Of course, I selected the female voice option. Go buy a shawarma if that ticks you. LOL. It also gives you options to have the battery level read to you at intervals of 10%, so you can pick as many options from 10% to 100%.

Battery Reader

Battery Reader promises to relieve you of the worry of forgetting the charger connected for a long time when the battery is fully charged, which may damage the battery, because app will ask you to unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

First Impressions

I haven’t had it running on my phone for more than 30 minutes, and so don’t have much feedback to give. However, I ran a quick test: when the phone is being charged and I unplug the charger, it says, “Please unplug charger from power source to save energy.” That is odd, and sounds like what it should say when the phone is fully charged while plugged in. I would expect it to say something like, “Your phone has been disconnected from the power source.” This would be good for times when someone unplugs your phone without your knowledge, or public power supply goes off.

The app is developed by Ashraf Alshahawy and is available for Android 4.0 devices and later.

Download Battery Reader from Play Store and tell us what you think of the app.


  1. U mentioned something about how keeping your phone plugged for a long time damages your battery, what about when its plugged to a computer like Ur syncing or transferring stuff?

  2. Does plugging the phone to power overnight damage the battery?

    For instance, when the battery of my Tecno Phantom AIII is fully
    charged, the charging indicator light goes off. I want to imagine that it means the charging current is cut off. As a matter of fact, the charger is always cold when I wake up in the morning, having connected the charger to the phone, overnight, implying that there is ko danger of overcharging. Would it be wrong to expect any modern smartphone to have that built in?

    Regarding this app (Battery Reader), it may be better to get a single automation app that can be programmed to do all these discrete minor functions.

    Apps like:


    …would do what this app does, and much, much, much, much more.

    I currently use AutoMagic to verbally inform me when the battery has been fully charged, among other numerous things.

    I imagine using a single app that can do the work of numerous discrete ones would be preferable, in almost all ramifications.

  3. Quick question, why would anyone want this app? If one cares about their battery life so much, they probably should not install some of these apps

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