Battle of the Curves – 9360 versus 9320

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Curve 9360 9320

I went to see dad this morning. Dad uses a BlackBerry Curve 9360 on the MTN network. The 9360 is the sleekest Curve in town. Period. It looks and feels very premium.

In fact, it makes the junior Curve 9320 look bland. I had no problems with the looks of the 9320 until this morning when I saw dad’s 9360 again. I immediately sort of didn’t like the looks anymore.

But that’s where the superiority of the 9360 ends – looks and feel.

The 9320 runs a newer version of the BlackBerry OS – 7.1 as against 7.0 on the 9360.

The 9320 has a much beefier battery, 1450mAh as against the 9360’s 1000mAh. As a matter of fact, the only complaint that dad has is battery life.

The 9320 has a built-in FM radio.

And then, the 9320 costs less. About N20,000 less.

Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about the 9320 anymore. But darn! The 9360 is just sexy! Sigh. There’s no justice in this world.

  1. Mr Mo. Am still waiting for the review on battery life while doing the following.
    1. Playing videos
    2. Surfing the web
    3. Using it with blackberry bridge
    4. Streaming youtube. Thanks in advance.

  2. Mr Mo, I agree with you, the Curve 9360 has definitely got it in the looks department.

    But then battery life, OS7.1, FM radio but not as good looking….oh well, can’t have it all!

  3. Blackberry Curve 9360 indeed do have FM radio. Just upgrade your os to 7.1. It also has NFC on board which 9320 lacks plus a higher pixel camera. Its only failing is the battery.

  4. Mr. Mo,
    Is the 9320 battery shape same as the 9360? Wondering if one could use the others battery if they have the same shape.

  5. And on their price, they cost almost the same. The Curve 9320 cost #45,000 while Curve 9360 (White) cost #49,000 at Kasuwa.

  6. The title says ‘Battle of the Curves – 9360 versus 9320’, was expecting specs comparisons, usability etc etc.

    frankly the 9360 murders the 9320 in almost every aspect especially the looks department….but battery, if i were to select either of the 2, woul go with the 9320. You can compromise with certain things bt not the battery. i refuse to carry an extension box and my charger inside my wallet.

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