BB10 does not recognise SMS short codes?

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BB10 SMS to Shortcode

This is crazy and I have been tearing my hair out for a bit over it. This is 2013, and such a thing should not be happening, but my beloved BlackBerry Z30 does not seem to recognise SMS short codes. Meaning: I cannot check my data balance or renew data subscription, among other tasks. Well, at least it cannot on Glo. Here is how it happens:

Start composing an SMS and all is good, but once you enter a short code in the recipient field, the “Send Message” icon at the bottom of the Compose screen grays out (see the red arrow in the screenshot). I have tried everything possible, including speaking in tongues and laying hands on the phone. Nada. I have been unable to send SMS to short codes.

When I needed to subscribe to a BB10 data plan on Glo, I had to remove my SIM and put it into another phone to send the required SMS. Now that my SIM is back in the Z30, I am unable to check my subscription balance because of this. My experience with Etisalat was better because Etisalat lets you use dialer short codes like *228*, etc, etc.

How does anyone create a modern mobile OS in 2013 and let this glitch escape their notice? Maybe it is me missing something. Maybe my unit has a fault. Maybe the problem is from Glo. Maybe… I am very tired, o jare. Are there any other BB10 users here? Have you experienced this phenomenon too? If you have, any solutions?


  1. I think it’s the z30 mister mobility, not the whole OS. The q10 works just fine. I just sent info to 777 using a glo line and I got the info straightup.wish I could attach pics.
    Well, i’ll @ you

  2. Austine,

    Thanks for the feedback. However, I am not subscribed to Glo’s HSI data plans, and so don’t need those USSD codes or the HSI URL. The BB10 data plans do not seem to have USSD codes and are not available at the HSI URL.

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