BB10 OS development staff have been laid off at BlackBerry

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200 staff of BlackBerry are reported to have been laid off in the US and Canada operations of the company. This is in continuation of the company:s push to trim down and return to profitability. The layoffs involved staff based in Waterloo in Canada, and Florida in the USA. Among those laid off include Gary Klassen, a pioneer member of the BBM development team.

Rumours say that the layoffs are from the BB10 OS development team. We have no confirmation of this, but this sits very well with our conviction here at Mobility that BlackBerry is done with BlackBerry OS and BB10 OS.


The company has earlier announced that the phones they would produce this year will all be powered by Android OS, just as the Priv is. While BlackBerry CEO and other spokespersons have said that BB10 devices would continue to receive further updates, there is nothing from his speeches or those of other executives that suggest that BlackBerry will continue production of BB10 OS devices.


  1. Any continuing BB10 support or devices will be targeted at existing business user contracts. A lot of businesses have moved on to iOS and now more often Windows Phone and Android. It wouldn’t surprise me if those contracts transition to BlackBerry Android os devices.

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