Upcoming BBM update to introduce BBM Desktop beta

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BlackBerry Messenger is introducing a feature similar to WhatsApp Web that allows BBM users to chat on their desktops. The feature has been available on and off for BBM beta users, but will be available as beta to selected BBM users from the next app update. The update that makes BBM Desktop beta available will roll out soon.

With BBM Desktop beta, you will be able to:

  1. Use BBM from your PC’s web browser without picking up your smartphone
  2. Choose to view all their chats in a list or in Groups
  3. Search for specific conversations from the search bar
  4. Search for a Contact to create a new chat
  5. Find a contact by alphabetical grouping with the first letter of their name
  6. View broadcast messages from Channels they subscribe to

How BBM Desktop beta Works

  • Selected Android users will see the BBM desktop icon in their Me tab in their app.
  • Click on the link to reveal a barcode scanner.
  • Go to web.bbmessaging.com on your desktop and scan the barcode.

As mentioned earlier, it works pretty much the way WhatsApp Web does.

If you don’t see the Desktop icon in your BBM, rest assured that we’ll roll out the full version to everyone very soon—and will let you know as soon as we do!


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