BBM4All has been off to a good start, garnering over 20 million new users since launch. I have used it a bit in the last

BBM For Android Falling Over?

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BBM4All has been off to a good start, garnering over 20 million new users since launch. I have used it a bit in the last two days and so far, it has been smooth sailing. Yesterday, however, someone who has used it for much longer got in touch with her experience with the Android version of the app. In her words, after several days of use:

Almost all display pictures [of my contacts] disappeared. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. They’re back now.

She mentioned also that she has only 18 BBM contacts, so this doesn’t sound like a case of overload. She did say that everything worked well at first before the disappearing DP issue sprung up.

What has been your experience with BBM4All? For how long have you used it? Has it been smooth sailing or have you had issues with it?


  1. I have been using bbm4all android version, since from the leak version, to the official release I have never experience such issue till now.

  2. I’ve been using it since the leaked version and to the legit version. .. Even after the upgrade. .. No issues. . After the upgrade. . It got even lighter and faster

  3. I had the disappearing dp thing. I uninstalled. But unlike her, I didn’t uninstall to install. I uninstalled to delete and never bring back 🙂

  4. My wife’s n daughters iPhones bbm couldn’t see the change when I replaced my avatar. Took a few hours to update while another android bbm was instantly updated. Suspect it’s a server issue where different platfoiOS (ios or android) are serviced by different sets of servers and that particular server set was down. Sometimes sending pics successful after a few attempts. No other major issues encountered.

  5. I noticed that on my SM-N900, I can’t use the BBM in landscape mode. .It seems locked up in portrait mode. Unlike other IM clients. .. I don’t know if this is peculiar to this device or that’s the way it is generally on Android

  6. So far so good, I’ve not had any major issue with the BBM for Android app on my Samsung s7562. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes when you set the app to show country and time, you just discover its off again which is sometimes very frustrating. I believe there is still room for improvement.

  7. I have dp issues ever since. they just suddenly disappear and never come back unless u uninstall and reinstall the app. I have done that twice in the last two weeks. then fake notification updates come up once a while, you see 10new updates in the update tab and on clicking you will see nothing new. that’s another bug with bbm

  8. I’ve been using BBM on iOS. The only problem I’ve noticed is that, as mentioned by others, there’s an IM that shows in notifications, but it take a while for the actual message to show up. Could be a server issue but other than that, I haven’t had the dp problems mentioned.

  9. After 3 weeks using BBM and Whatsapp side by side, the limitations of the current BBM Android-iPhone is restricting it as the primary messenger. There’s no option to send current location from BBM. Sending from Waze via BBM created problems for the recipient as opening the link went straight to routing. It was a cinch to Whatsapp current location. BBM attachments are limited to voice notes and pictures, Whatsapp’s attachment includes contacts and video. There were occasional delays in BBM and messages took up to 15 seconds to deliver. It seems Whatsapp is improving their infrastructure to match BBM while the increased load has impacted BBM’s service.

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