If there is one feature that I have missed using BlackBerry Messenger on Android OS, it is BBM Channels. Only BlackBerry 10 devices had the

BBM for Android rocks with addition of Channels

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BBM Channels on Android

If there is one feature that I have missed using BlackBerry Messenger on Android OS, it is BBM Channels. Only BlackBerry 10 devices had the functionality in the beginning. But now, that has changed. BBM Channels is now available on BBM for Android. Simply update your app to BBM 2.0 from the Play Store to get the new, richer features.

What is BBM Channels?

Think of it as a BBM-based blog. BBM Channels lets customers chat with other BBM users about topics that interest them. Customers can join channels about a range of topics from products, hobbies and sports to entertainment, fashion, cars and more. For brands and businesses, BBM Channels provides a new way to interact and connect with a highly engaged and targeted mobile audience.

I have a growing, personal channel where I share humour and odd bits, but have been limited whenever I am carrying an Android smartphone. While Channels is also accessible via PC, the beauty of having it on a mobile you carry is that you can blog spontaneously. As such, my post count has suffered a bit in recent times, as Channels was not available on the Android phone I carry, and BBM is not available on Windows Phone. But, dear subscribers, Mr. Mo is back! PS: My Channel PIN is C001E83A8.

Mr Mo BBM Channel Barcode

In addition to Channels, the BBM 2.0 update also brings the following:

– BBM Voice: voice calling over Wi-Fi and network
– Location Sharing
– simple file and photo sharing
– Dropbox support
– 100 new emoticons
– Larger BBM Groups capacity: now you can have up to 50 people in a Group. Mobility BBM Group people must be partying now!

There is a similar update for iOS phones too. I have updated to BBM 2.0 on my SOLO S350. Please update and tell us what you like best about the app.

  1. Joel,

    My experience with it for some hours now suggest so. My phone has 512MB of RAM, and for hours now, no updates or messages have come or gone through BBM. Internet is working for everything else. I have restarted the phone. Nada. It looks like a RAM problem.

  2. My bbm app uses too much ram
    For all the BlackBerry had in getting their Blackberry Messenger ready to
    compete against the likes of Whatsapp on Android and iOS it stills remains a poorly coded app. After their last update things really took a turn for the worse
    as i noticed that for my Nova Launcher seemed to redraw itself more regularly on my Galaxy Note 3 which has 3GB of on board RAM. On checking the Application manager i found the culprit which had managed to use over 300MB
    of RAM, rebooting my phone seemed to solve the problem but three hours later and a few messages sent it had managed to use 210MB of RAM, which is ridiculous considering that this is just a mere chat app not a graphics intensive game, comparing it to the other chats that i had on my phone like Whatsapp
    which used about 10MB of RAM and Facebook messenger which used just a little above 24MB.

    RAM palaver ..

    Loving this even less..

  3. RAM has always been the problem with Android how come the BBM App for iphone don’t have a major prob like this? And I still think Blackberry is making a mistake for not making BBM for windows phone. BBM Wont lag on Lumia 520 with 512MB of RAM

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