BBM for BlackBerry 10 users get free Privacy and Control subscriptions

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You must know how BB10 OS has been hit badly by the withdrawal of Facebook and WhatsApp apps from the platform. Well, it looks like BlackBerry is offering BB10 users more reasons to stay. They are rolling out an update to BBM for BB10 that makes subscriptions to Privacy and Control features completely FREE.

bbm privacy and control

The now free features include: timed messages and photos, retract, private chat, and the ability to edit messages, among others. You can download BBM for BlackBerry 10.

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  1. It’s also completely free in the latest update to the android app. At least that’s what it says on Google play store. I’ve updated but I was on the subscription before (which is still active)

  2. I can confirm that on BlackBerry the Privacy and Control features are free. Just checked on my Classic and it was the first thing that came up (took a screenshot too).

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