BBM for Windows Phone gets transparent tile; coming next week

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Last night, a mobilista, @psyno, broke news about transparent tile now being available for BBM for Windows Phone. Have a look at a crop of the screenshot he tweeted:

BBM transparent tile

Also over at Inside BlackBerry, here is an update on the expected launch date for BBM for Windows Phone:

Next up is BBM for Windows Phone, coming next week. When we announced the private beta a few weeks ago, all 10,000 testing slots were taken within 24 hours. The excitement is there. The numbers are there. The momentum is there.

Here at MOBILITY, we know that the demand for BBM from Windows Phone users is huge. as a matter of fact, the lack of BBM is what is holding back some people from switching to Windows Phone as their primary platform. I personally know a handful of people who after inquiring about buying a Windows Phone, opted for Android just because BBM was not available on the former. BBM is that important in these parts. We are looking forward to Windows Phone devices being marketed as “BBM ready” too.

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  1. Atlast, BBM for Windows Phones now available with a “But”.

    Using the link below, I tried to download it but I was barred due to unknown security issue! Kindly share your experience if you have successfully download and install the BBM Beta on your Windows Phones.

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