BBM is gone from the Windows Store

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This morning, I was wondering whether BBM and WhatsApp for Windows smartphones have received any updates and improvements since the last time that I used them. You see, one big reason why my Lumia 950 is not being used as my daily smartphone is the poor performance of both apps, especially BBM.

bbm on windows phone

Any way, I launched the Windows Store this morning and searched for “BBM”. To my shock, other messaging apps showed up, but not BlackBerry Messenger itself. I ran the search a few more times. Nada. As of this moment, BBM is gone from the Windows Store.

Is Blackberry pulling BBM for Windows phone permanently or is this a temporary removal in preparation for releasing an updated and hopefully universal Windows 10 version of the app? No-one is certain at this time, as BlackBerry is yet to make an official statement.

Personally, I am hoping that a UWP version is on the way for BBM for Windows smartphones. You know that the Bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice, etc, etc. Ehen. So, Windows Phone haters in the house, please hope along with me! 😀

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