My article about my experiences with BBM Groups kicked up quite a storm yesterday. Not surprising, considering that BlackBerry rules the smartphone market here. On

BBM Group affects performance on BlackBerry – The Sequel

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My article about my experiences with BBM Groups kicked up quite a storm yesterday. Not surprising, considering that BlackBerry rules the smartphone market here.

On the one hand, BlackBerry haters had a field day spewing forth their venom. Don’t you just like people who condemn things they don’t like with one wide sweep of the hand. I understand from the haters that BlackBerry is a terrible device. Never mind that it is what I run this blog (and very efficiently too) with. Never mind that it does everything I need it to do.

Nah; never mind.

On the other, members of the Mobility BBM Group(s) felt betrayed and started a Twitter war against me. Yes. The Groups’ admin also locked me out when I made a request to be re-admitted so I could try out some of the tips shared in the discussions following that article. Yes; it was a lot of fun, and I understand that the house eventually voted to let me back in. Yay!!!

However, my stay was short-lived. I re-joined the Mobility BBM Group and immediately implemented every single tip, as follows:

In the group you belong, open the MENU and go to VIEW GROUP DETAILS. Under group options, depending on your preference, set the following parameters:

– Save chat history: NEVER
– Save pictures: NEVER
– Message list integration: SETTINGS>NO ACTIVITIES,THEN OK.
– Turn off all notifications for this group: YES.

As mentioned in my earlier article, I had implemented the above steps minus one before. This time, I implemented everything.

The results? The lag and freezing was no longer as severe as before, but it was still bad enough. When the freezing occurred, I had to tap at buttons and the screen for up to 10 seconds at times before I got a response. Anything that slows my device down that much is from hell. Trust me.

Within 30 minutes of rejoining the Group, I was frustrated and ready to throw my 9810 against a wall. I hadn’t even joined in any group activity. Just being in the group messed up productivity on my device.

I have since removed myself from the group feature again, and now my 9810 feels super snappy and without any issues. BBM works fine, and so do WordPress, Gtalk, Messenger, DropBox, Facebook, WhatsApp, and every other app that I have installed on my device. No issues whatsoever.

As said yesterday, after the same experience with BBM Groups on eight BlackBerry smartphones, my conclusion remains the same. I remember a commenter saying that he implemented the above workarounds but still has to reboot his device daily. No; I don’t want to reboot my device daily. No; I can’t tolerate any lag on my device. I am done with BBM Groups until OS 10 arrives. Then, I will try the feature again to see if RIM (Research In Motion) have addressed this performance issue.

Till then, I am happy with to use my trusty BlackBerry Torch 9810 without any BBM group activity. It gets the job done for me as an extremely capable mobile office.

  1. I followed your recommendation & boom my bold 4 stoped hanging. I will have to stair clear of any BBM group for now gbam!.

  2. We have to contact RIM cause this could probably be an OS or device issue. You could have tried deleting BBM and reinstalling it to see if that fixes it.

    I’be had freezing issues and reinstalling fixed it one time. since then its been smooth sailing all the way

  3. Was just wondering, what is the essence of belonging to an instant messaging group chat if I don’t get notifications and cant save messages. You might just as well stay off groups “until Blackberry 10 arrives”.

  4. I belong to so many group. I do have a personal group and so far BB group don’t affect my BB. My experience with the little clock is that when Broswer catche, Browser history and cookies are not cleared regulary it slow BB down. Another thing is that storing so many mails take so much RAM of the BB. Always check your status the higher the file free the faster your BB and lastly always clear the Log with LGLG it make it work faster

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