After having used eight BlackBerry devices – Curve 8520, Curve 8300, Curve 8360, Curve 9860, Bold 9650, Torch 9800, Bold Touch 9900 and Torch 9810 – it…

BBM Group affects performance on BlackBerry

After having used eight BlackBerry devices – Curve 8520, Curve 8300, Curve 8360, Curve 9860, Bold 9650, Torch 9800, Bold Touch 9900 and Torch 9810 – it is my conclusion that joining a BBM Group on your device will impact the performance of the device severely. Your BlackBerry will become sluggish in a nightmarish way.


Every single time I have joined a BBM Group on all the above-mentioned BlackBerry devices, the devices began to exhibit serious lags and freezing. BlackBerry OS 7 hasn’t changed anything. The pattern is the same.

A friend is subscribed to three BBM groups, and she finds using her BlackBerry hellish. Three groups! Unfortunately for her, she says all three are important and work-related, so she is unable to remove herself from them. Personally, when the lags and freezing became unbearable for me, I removed myself from the famous Mobility BBM Group (I’m guessing that I’m being missed now. Sorry guys, but I cant bear inefficiency of any sort).


Since exiting all BBM group activity, my BlackBerry has worked smooth and I haven’t experienced any of the serious lags that I used to. Finally, I am a happy BlackBerry user.

If you are experiencing severe lags and freezing on your BlackBerry, chances are that you belong to a BBM Group. Get out of the group/s and you will experience better performance on your device.


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  1. You are quite right on this one. I belong to five groups and they are all very important. Initially I used to experience those lags and all, but what I did was to disable all forms of notifications including integration with the main message icon on the home screen. Now I only go there to check, I don’t get notified about any group activity and this has helped me a lot.

  2. Ah! I belong to 3 groups too but I turn off all notifications on all my groups, I think it helps 🙂

  3. Di, turning off notifications helped a bit, but the performance drop was always still serious on my devices. I just gave up eventually.

  4. Kay, interesting. I still had integration with Messaging active though I had turned off all other BBM notifications. Will give that a shot as soon as I can.

  5. Here is what I did:
    Go to the group you belong, open the MENU and go to VIEW GROUP DETAILS. Under group options, depending on your preference, set the following parameters:
    Save chat history:NEVER
    Save pictures: NEVER
    Message list integration: SETTINGS>NO ACTIVITIES,THEN OK.
    Turn off all notifications for this group:YES.
    Exit and its done. Hope this works for you too!

  6. Only confirms that Blackberry is a terrible device and platform. It seems everything is a good excuse to lag and hang on blackberry. Whatsapp works perfectly on everyother device include feature phones but BB users complain that it craps their phone. It just has problems handling apps.

  7. I’m a member of 7 BBM groups, and 4 of them are very active.

    Long ago, I learned to follow some of the tips mentioned by Sokunbi, and it helps somewhat. But I still have to perform a battery pull almost every day.

  8. @Efe: calling the blackberry a useless device is a pretty harsh statement. I am my friends use whatsapp on it without issues at all. Maybe you shud ask your friends how many ridiculous apps that have installed and running on their blackberries and if they are carrying old models around.

    The blackberry has its faults but useless is not one of them.

  9. Efe, that kind of reasoning is odd. That BBM Groups affect performance is confirmation that BlackBerry is a terrible device?

    Sure thing. Enjoy.

  10. Yes it is. Its not like BBM group is video editing. I mean, other platforms have instant messaging with group chats. I havent heard anybody complain. On the other hand, you are telling us blackberries have problem with the one thing they are supposed to excel at, is that not the definition of a terrible device?

  11. @Chukwudi, I didnt say it is useless, I said its terrible. My conclusion is not based on this article alone, it is based on experience. A significant number of my friends have had to uninstall whatsapp because it makes their phone unstable. Coupled with the fact that it struggles with the full functionality of a central native app like BBM, it is indeed underwhelming. I recognise that most people are ok with their BBs and its down to personal choice, but if we are to call a spade a spade, BBs are terrible when compared to phones of other platforms in terms of performance

  12. I dont subscribe to your interpretation of those words. To most people,
    Terrible: Bad, aweful, not functioning properly

    Useless: Having no use or benefit.

    I would never claim that BB has no use or benefit but I stand by my claim that BBs performance is awful

  13. I dont think its necessarily about groups. It more like the epileptic bb service that network providers provide. If its bout the battery consumption then i agree. The lag is usually bout the service which is not.strong enuf to contain all the data up/downloads. In my opinion tho!

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