BBM hits 100m Users; Budget BB10 smartphone coming

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BlackBerry have announced that they added 40 million new BBM users on iOS and Android in the last two months. With about 60 million BBM users on BlackBerry smartphones, that should bring total BBM users to about 100 million.

Also, the company has announced that they have struck a deal with Foxconn to produce a budget BlackBerry smartphone targeted at emerging markets in early 2014. A budget BB10 smartphone is exactly what BlackBerry needs to push smartphone sales, and thankfully, the expected device is going to be a 3G-enabled BB10 smartphone.

My conviction is that the battle for mobile will be won and lost at the low end. BlackBerry’s strongest markets are in emerging regions. Without a budget BB10 device, BlackBerry sales was bound to suffer, and it has done just that. The struggling phone maker has posted yet another loss. It certainly will be nice to see a BB10 smartphone below N30,000 in the market.


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