BBM introduces the ‘Like’ button for Display Photos

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Back in November, I saw a BBM contact’s fine display picture (DP), wished BBM had a Like button and tweeted this:

What do you know? The Like button has now been implemented in BBM, so I can like as many DPs as I want. Yay!


Go update your BBM app for Android to get this new feature. You can check on iOS and other platforms that you use too.

You will find the Like button right under each DP. Tap to like. Dazall.

In the meantime, if you are not following Moverick yet on Twitter, what exactly are you doing on social media?! LOL


  1. I didn’t get that one either. I mean, can you like display photos in WhatsApp or did I miss that one?

  2. The Like feature for dp has been available for a while on other instant messaging platforms for a while.
    That’s what I meant by playing catch up.

  3. ok, it’s been available on other social networks agreed. Not on other instant messaging platform. Because am yet to see any with the said feature

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