BBM not for all: BlackBerry shuns Windows Phone

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BBM is not for all, after all. At least not yet. The official word from BlackBerry is that windows Phone OS is not viable enough et for them to develop a BBM app for it. According to PhoneArena, here are the words of David Proulx, BlackBerry’s Senior Director of BBM Business Development:

“It is not a statement of intent, and it’s not a strategic or religious thing, it’s just a function of when does it make sense and when is it something that consumers demand in sufficient numbers to make it worth our while and worth their while.”

Bummer, actually.

  1. That’s unfortunate. It’s either there’s conspiracy going on or that maybe Google and a few others have a point after all.

    2014 may be the year that Windows Phone starts gaining the numbers that truly matter, not those sketchy statistics that appear only in percentages without concrete numbers, or dwelling in area where numbers doesn’t really matter like Windows Phone outselling iPhone in Nigeria or Kenya when Apple is not even represented officially in these areas.

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