It was bound to happen. Tired of all the bad-mouthing of their beloved platform by aliens from planets Android and iOS, and the sudden flooding

BBM Not For All: BlackBerry Users Revolt!

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It was bound to happen. Tired of all the bad-mouthing of their beloved platform by aliens from planets Android and iOS, and the sudden flooding of their precious exclusive space by said aliens just because of BBM, true blue Blackberry users are revolting. There is a not-so-underground movement resisting the invasion. Have a look at a BBM message that I received this morning:

BBM4All - No to Android and iOS

The text (loosely translated) reads in part:

If you receive any BBM request with a PIN that starts with a 7, please don’t accept. We don’t care if its an iPhone, TECNO Phantom or Samsung S4. If they want to ping, they should buy a BlackBerry…

Yes; a new smartphone war is on, and BlackBerry boys and babes are not smiling! They want you extraterrestrials from Android and iOS off their turf. What have you to say in return?

PS: Posted from my BlackBerry Z30. Gorrit?!


  1. Lmao. Majority of the people wont get that this is just a nigerian joke. Nigerians that bought the z30 and co did so mostly to show off their expensive but limited phones. My apologies to them sha, but the rest of the world with a population of over 6billion welcome the decentralization of bbm. Mr mo, pele oh. Lol.

  2. My baby cousin uses an iphone5 and she added me this morning. Couldn’t say No. Hehehe
    But wait o, truth be told, why would someone go all out and buy z30 when it was eminent BBM was going public? I see nothing in z30 that HTC one, Sony Z1 or any of those droid giants can’t beat. And exclusivity isn’t all that exclusive anymore.

  3. That’s it! No more dealings with those bbm 7xxxxxxx guys. They are polluting our sacred arena.

    Stand up guys and be counted amongst the faithfuls. Android & iPhone crowd should go find other play arena.

  4. I saw this as the status of a friend on Facebook. Thought it was so funny.

    Those blackberroids should be happy they have some of the fAndroid and the iSheep on their overhyped BBM.

    BBM being on other platforms (where there is an overabundance of Chat Apps) will ensure that BBM keep improving.

    Otherwise, BBM will drown in a sea of irrelevance…

    Competition benefits everybody.

  5. even if I hate on d igbinedions (rim) but dem dota(bbm) opens yansh for me to enter, ama hit dat hard…. so pain on (??? )

  6. but seriously all diz fruit totting peeps should chill n look at things open mindedly… droid n w8 phones r totally awesome from smartphone definition standpoint… symbian n meegos too bad u r gone. can u compare mighty symbian wit dem sony walkman series

  7. Buhahhaaaaa!!! I just can’t. Really? People need to chill. It’s RIM’s decision to make available it’s property (bbm) available on other OS. Why do we Nigerians like taking panadol for another man’s headache?! Assuming it really is a headache!

  8. Honestly, BlackBerry has lost it. I upgraded to 10.2 two days ago and today, my phone mini-crashed. I used mini-crashed because my contacts,memo,mails were wiped and now I cnt create new mail. Only media,bbm contacts and text are still intact. Every other valuable data are gone. For how long will one do this na?
    By the way, any other person using bb10 experienced this? Cos I’m sure it has to do with the upgrade.

  9. Maybe there annoyance is that the hype about BBM has been unravelled and BBM is still found to lag behind WhatsApp in features and performance unless BlackBerry are yet to implement the features that really make BBM thick.

    I was hoping to be able to send any type of with BBM but do far it hasn’t worked for me and all I keep hearing from BB users is some crooked way the feature was implemented that almost mean it is unusable. I will use it for a couple of more days just so I can assure myself that I gave BBM enough chance to prove its worth before finally uninstalling it and leaving the core BB fans to their lagging world. Yes, BBM is not for everybody and it has so far proceed that it is not for me.

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