BBM shouldn’t have bothered going cross platform

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When BlackBerry first announced BBM4All, it was greeted with great euphoria and excitement. As a matter of fact, I wrote a thank you note to Blackberry for the move.

However, if my personal experience and the feedback that I have received from users of BBM on various mobile platforms is anything to go by, perhaps BlackBerry should have left BBM strictly on their own software platform. Apart from BBM for Android OS, the app just doesn’t seem optimised for the other two competing platforms.

On both iOS and Windows Phone, incoming messages are delayed, usually until the user launches the app. I know for a fact that launching the BBM app on a flagship Windows Phone smartphone results in a painful lag – a blank screen staring at the user as he waits for the app to load.

There is a list of frustrations plaguing BBM on those two platforms. Even Android isn’t entirely free of issues either. This blog is riddled with comments from users who are having performance issues with the app, especially on lower end Android smartphones.

The truth is that the only platform that BBM works exceptionally well is BlackBerry 10. Why, for crying out loud, did BlackBerry ever bother?

  1. Imperfect or not, I’m glad that BBM has gone cross platform. I have friends and family that would never have bothered with IM were it not for BBM.

    I have BBM on every device, I can log in and out of devices without the need for a SIM.

  2. WhatsApp still better in my opinion. WhatsApp is on every serious platform out there. BBM on windowsphone is frustrating to use.

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