Last night, I updated my BBM status with the following: “BBM misbehaves so often these days that I might just ditch it for WhatsApp.” In

BBM versus WhatsApp: Is the grass greener on the other side?

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Last night, I updated my BBM status with the following: “BBM misbehaves so often these days that I might just ditch it for WhatsApp.” In a few minutes, I had a number of responses from a handful of BBM Contacts of mine. I will not bore you with all of them, but I reproduce below the most interesting of them.

BBM versus WhatsApp

Shina is an old mobilista who has always been a WhatsApp fan and has never hidden his preference for that over BBM, so this was a good opportunity to rub it in. He did it gallantly with a quick response that said, “LOL. You are seeing the reality gradually. They are not mates in any way”.

I didn’t expect anything different from him, so all well and good.

Up next was Ronke, a working class lady. I have no idea of her preference between the two chat apps. Her response suggests that she uses a BlackBerry device: “Whatsapp will shock you. I don’t know if it’s just a Blackberry thing though”.

Me: “Ehen? WhatsApp misbehaves too?”

Ronke: “Yes o”.

There. I had no idea. As far as I have been concerned, WhatsApp works fine, an impression that I may have developed because I use it casually and not as intensive as I use BBM – and as such do not get to experience its failings.

Next, Ijeoma chipped in. “Mine hasn’t misbehaved,” she responded. “How is yours misbehaving?”

Me: “Messages took three hours to deliver or come in. Yet everything else on the phone was working – email, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc”.

Ijeoma: “Interesting. I’ve never had that problem”.

What a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Apparently, there is a range of opinions on how well either app performs from day to day. What have been your personal experiences with WhatsApp and BBM? Which is the more comprehensive app? Which is the more reliable? Which is more problematic for you?


  1. I like WhatsApp and it’s simplicity of use. I’ve always preferred it’s use of phone contacts rather than any PIN sharing wahala and thus have never been bothered to install BBM..

  2. What you have sir is not a problem with BBM. It is a problem with the phone. I bet it is an Infinix or a Tecno. I am working on a piece to explain why this happens on these brand of phones

  3. Both application for me has been problem free. I really have no preference of one over the other.

  4. I wonder what device Ijeoma was using BBM on? My preference is BBM, and I don’t have any problems with it. I thought the problem was BBM on the Lumia?

    The only reason I use WhatsApp is because a lot of people only use it, and don’t know any other IM programme. My conversations on it are shorter and fewer.

  5. I use Whatsapp more…lost touch with BBM when I ditched my Z10 2 years ago now trying to re-connect with BBM.

    I don’t know about issues though I know the BBM experience on BB10 is way better than on Android or the Lumia (Yet to use it on iOS)

  6. Whatsapp is way too cooler for me. When I upgraded to lollipop, if I don’t open the BBM app, notifications won’t come in. You can activate and use whatsapp no matter how terrible the network is but it’s almost impossible on BBM. Lastly, there’s a new feature on whatsapp I love so much – pop-up notifications. I can read and respond to chats without opening the app. I rarely initiate conversation and I like that I can respond to messages without stopping what I’m doing… I know some people may not like it though because privacy issues…

  7. Has anyone heard of Telegram? Its way more cooler than WhatsApp. I usually describe it as a cross between WhatsApp and BBM. It’s light, encrypted and used across multiple devices including PC.

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