If you are a windows phone 8, #WP8 user, don’t worry a native #BBM app is in the works along with tablet, desktop, and web

BBM4All: BBM For Windows Phone 8 On The Way?

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  1. @Noni I dey, I dey here de listen carefully. For now no comment. No comment until I install the app on my 1020 then I will know what to say to all the enemies of Nokia, those who actually begged MSFT to buy Nokia.

  2. Hmmm….LUMIA. Again.

    I couldn’t give a donkey’s behind about the new camera. Camera market’s over saturated as it is now….


    Can we now customize ringtones (and not just caller tones) for mails & chat, etc?

    Can we attach and send multiple docs and not just pictures?

    Is there more versatility of apps?

    Has the restrictions on the viewing of Bluetooth files transferred to the lumia been eased or eliminated entirely?

    Has the Amber update issues been resolved?

    Have Live tiles begun updating? Can we use browsers other than native IE as well as 3rd party audio & video codecs, etc?

    They can count me in if you’ve done it all, & more. Or blow me if they’ve not.

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