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I have the pleasure of welcoming you to 2014. This is another year in which we must all press towards our dreams. Personally, 2013 didn’t quite go very well for me. Thankfully, here is another year to try again. I want to thank our faithful readers who come here every day. You guys all rock and I appreciate you all.

Running a blog like is no mean feat, and this year I am asking for your hand in partnership. You already believe in what we do here. What I am asking is that you help us keep it going strong by becoming a Mobility VIP. For just N5,000 a year (or N2,000 quarterly), you will belong to an exclusive group of people who enjoy the following benefits:

  • [1] Buy one smartphone a year at 5% discount. Do the maths!
  • [2] Win free smartphones in our give-aways
  • [3] Get right of first offer for our review phones when we put them up for sale. This means you have access to buy good as new devices at between 60% and 80& of prevailing prices. Again, do the maths!
  • [4] Get one free article slot on to sell and/or promote anything you wish
  • [5] Enjoy free admission to Mobility Rave parties. Yes; music, dance, networking, and fun all the way
  • [6] Get 10% discount on domain names and web hosting from our partner,
  • [7] Get low, bargain rates on location photographs from our partner, Destination Pictures

Proud Mobility Blog Member

Signup Now!

We are on the look out for more partners and benefits to add to the package. Membership has benefits, so sign up as a VIP today and enjoy these benefits! For details of how to signup, visit the Mobility VIP page right away.

In the meantime, have you got your plans for 2014 ready? By now, you should. And you should be hitting the ground running too. May success be yours!


  1. Hmm. A new year. We should all be grateful for seeing a new day, a new year, again.


    Why did I wake up @ 3.00am this morning feeling exactly the way I did last year December 31 @ 11.59pm?

    In the meantime, have you got your plans for 2014 ready? By now, you should. And you should be hitting the ground running too

    There is this staying to the effect that you arrive at your future one day at a time.

    The annual rhetoric of New Year Resolutions should probably be changed in the light of your future being determined by what you plan to do and DO, daily , not at the beginning of a new year.

    Here is wishing the Mobility Crew more octane to their fuel line. Hoping, Wishing and praying things get a lot better, all round..

    Wishing the Blog visitors the best life has to offer, and praying Nigeria gets to be a better place to dwell in, one day at a time. ..

  2. I’m praying for the very best for Mobility team and also the visitors for this year 2014. I pray that the blog and forum become even more lively and that our individual goals and aspirations are met as we work towards them.

    Happy new year to everyone!

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