• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Be careful how you use images on your responsive website

I have been an advocate of responsive websites for years. By responsive, I mean a website that is designed to shift shape and adjust to fit the display of whatever device you access it on, be it mobile, tablet or PC.

Responsive is the way to go in today’s world of multiple platforms. However, you must be careful how you play with responsive. The use of images is a case in point.

Background images can be fun on a desktop display, but as you consider smaller displays, you might want to watch it. Have a look at this example:

Responsive web design - background image

See how the use of a background image blocked out whatever message the website was trying to communicate? The text on that page cannot be read. That is an example of why you shoild be careful with images, especially background images, on a responsive website. A plain, light background image would have served better in the example above.

For purposes of mobile, fancy is not always better. Many times, simple is.

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