You know the saying, be careful what you ask for. Symbian and Blackberry used to be known for their resource efficiency in terms of both

Be Careful What You Ask For – Fancy User Interfaces Et Al

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You know the saying, be careful what you ask for.

Symbian and Blackberry used to be known for their resource efficiency in terms of both power and data consumption. Along came the new kids on the block, iOS and Android, and after having a taste of the fancy user interfaces on those platforms, lots of Symbian and blackberry users began to complain.

Well, Blackberry has since fleshed up their UI, and the new Nokia Belle has a UI at par with modern standards. The problem is, to power those new UIs, more powerful processors had to be introduced. Enter the new range of blackberry OS7 and the new Nokia Belle smartphones.

Guess what?

Blackberry users now swear by their fathers’ beards that battery life on the new devices is crap. Errr…that sounds like something that Android and iOS users have been complaining about for years.

The odd part is that Nokia Belle users seem to still find satisfactory battery life on their devices. As a matter of fact, almost everyone with a Symbian Anna device who upgraded to Nokia Belle has spoken of improved battery life. What do you know?

Okay, so Nokia Belle seems to be the exception. Still, we cannot ignore the teaming BlackBerry masses who are currently frustrated with the power consumption on their devices. A member of the Mobility team has sworn to downgrade her Torch 9810 from OS7.1 down to OS7 because of this very issue. She had much better battery life on OS7.

RIM also didn’t help matters: the previous flagship, Bold 9780 had a 1500 mAh battery, while its replacement, 9900, has a 1230 mAh battery. Excuse me?

I must also add that having played with at least three OS7 BlackBerries, it seems to me that these new devices often feel a bit under-powerd in use – even when 1GHz processors run the show. Perhaps, the need is for more RAM. The bold touch 9900 has only 768 MB. Why, anyone?

Using WebOS on the HP TouchPad, I often get that feeling that the processor is trying to keep up with the very fluid and nice interface.

These all lead to frustrating moments at times, inspite of the benefits and positives of these devices.

Still, inspite of these, we must embrace the future, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us. Fluid user interfaces are both the present and the future.

No-one seems certain about the future of WebOS, but at least BlackBerry fans can look forward to OS10 in hope.

  1. The battery_life vs power inverse_relationship is similar to that between power (torque) vs fuel efficiency in vehicles.

    Usually, you trade off one for the other.

    If you revere a vehicle with earth_thumping acceleration, you should not whine about abyssal fuel economy.

    If you love comfort and monstrous power output, andsomebody else is paying for the vehicle + fuel, drive a V8_engined Toyota LandCruiser Prado like our Legisl____ters.

    If frugality /parsimony / resource efficiency is your style, by all means, drive a diminutive Kia Picanto.

    it is all about your objective. If the majority of people value buttery_Smooth UX- with monstrous_sized touchscreens, they should live with the result of their decision – horrible battery life. Or data avariciousness!

    I am towing the delicately balanced frugal line. ..

  2. Hmmm…the people who we hear the least from are Windows Phone users – or maybe there are too few of them at the moment?

  3. Power consumption, data management, economical, user friendly… belle is clearly the winner let see what belle PR1(carla) has to offer.
    One thing that makes belle imcomplete is live theme wallpaper and am also afraid symbian as been slaughted, window phone is crap with boring widget called tiles! Apollo will be good thing to have but who knows the future!

  4. Yemko, you can’t say an OS in incomplete simply because it doesn’t have a feature another has. To start with there is nothing like a ‘COMPLETE OS’ you just have to continually improve. The live theme wallpaper you mentioned is what could actually bury even a 2000mAh battery.

  5. The UI on our devices have their impacts on battery performance no doubt. Its left for the users to decide if their impacts on the battery are enough trade-off. For example, i love the sense UI on HTC devices. I prefer it to the touchwiz on sammy’s droids. However, i will rather choose the sammy over HTC for better battery efficiency on samsung’s droids. the huge battery drain on HTC devices is to a large extent caused by that same Sense UI i so much love.

  6. Funny enough, I prefer touch wiz to htc sense. Me think the internet just over hyped sense

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