Be thrilled with your new smartphone, but beware…

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The transition from feature phones to a smartphone is really a big leap. You must’ve shelled a significant amount of money in purchasing it in the first place. So you should know what you’re getting into. For someone coming from a feature phone, first thing you’ll be excited about is the multi-tasking ability of your new phone.

You will be pleased to run 3 or more apps concurrently. Things you never could’ve achieved using your feature phone. 🙂

LG E445 multitasking

Next thing you come across as a new smartphone user is apps. Yes , a whole lot of apps will be presented to you, and this is where problems can ensue.

Be careful the kind of apps you install. Be careful the number of apps you install. Install only apps you’ll end up using. It’s unnecessary practice having 3 or 4 apps that performs the same function. Remember that the more apps you install, the more the internal memory (footprint) they consume- this translates to your phone becoming slower, and lagging.

Infinix Hot X507 in hand front

Take a case scenario. Dad just got his first smartphone an Infinix Hot . Being an inquisitive being he managed to get access to Google Play Store and downloaded almost all the apps be could lay hands on. Sadly enough the phone crashed and needed “my magic touch” 🙂 to come back to life.

Moral of the story: Be thrilled with your new Smartphone, but also remember to thread with caution.


  1. | Sadly enough the phone crashed andI’ll need my magic touchto come back to life. |

    that’s jes prouding

  2. depends on what feature phone you’re leaving, if we agree that S60 Symbian devices aren’t smartphones you’ll see that apps and multitasking aren’t really new. also a lot of feature phones cost as much or more than budget/entry level smartphones

  3. Totally agree with ‘3rd World T’.Also by the time updates to those several apps trickles in,’you go tire’.

  4. Those just making that transition will probably not read this post… It should be inside punch newspaper or something… 🙂

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