Become an Android Developer at Fasmicro MASTERs 2011 Workshop

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Android is an open-source cutting-edge mobile platform that has gained momentum in recent years. Developed by Google based on the Linux kernel and Java, it offers virtually limitless opportunities because of its open-source license.

In the mobile world, it is no news that Android is here to stay. It is the fastest growing mobile computing platform at the moment and is likely to remain so for some time.



Opportunities for Android app development abound and if you have been thinking of becoming an Android developer, an opportunity is here.


Fasmicro’s MASTERs is a workshop that will bring core experts across the globe to Nigeria. The maiden edition will be held in Owerri in February 2011. The MASTERs will comprise of two modules, independently delivered, as follows –

  • Module I: Mobility Computing & Android App Development
    Feb 14-16, 2011
  • Module II: Embedded Systems -FPGA, Microcontroller –PIC and SX, and CAD
    Feb 17-19, 2011

Module I is a hands-on Android course designed to provide essential skills and experience with developing applications on Android mobile platform. Throughout the course, participants will develop real-life applications, which can serve as basis for their future Android projects. Eclipse and Android SDK are used as the development environment throughout the class.


The goal is that after this workshop, participants can develop real life-applications or where applicable, introduce relevant courses in their tertiary institutions.

You can obtain more details about registration on the Fasmicro website.


Help Mobility Nigeria earn some referal income: If registering for the event, please include our name (Mobility Nigeria) and our email address (mobility[@] during registration.


  1. Module I: Mobility Computing & Android App Development

    This is the first action on all this Android Dev in Nigeria. It means that people will get to do real things and not conferences. Thanks Mobility Nigeria for bringing this new info. Let the Android Revolution begins.

  2. I agree. This is what we need. If more people take the step of Fasmicro, we can develop local talents. Kudos to Mobility Nigeria for always bringing news and things that matter. I will be thinking of attending. Nigeria has a great future with this type of idea over talks talks and sells sells. this is the main thing we all want. doing.

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