Bee is a new digital payment solution you can attach to anything

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If you need a digital device to pay for goods and services, you might be pleased to hear that there are several such devices on the market now. One such device has been launched on Indiegogo, and it is known as Bee. The company behind Bee, Radiius, has described the device as the world’s smallest, biometrics enabled digital wearable wallet. This is a device that could prove really useful to people looking for a compact, secure and feature-rich digital payment solution.

Bee is a small, NFC-enabled wearable device, small and versatile enough to be attached to any other object. One could attach it to his watch strap, keys, wallet, or any other item. However, Bee works just like any other payment solution, despite its small footprint.Bee

Users can download the BeeHive Android application, where the user inputs his credit or debit card details. Then the user can link the app to the device, which is then ready to be used to pay for goods and services anywhere that digital payment solutions are accepted. To make a payment, the user simply authenticates the payment through the embedded fingerprint sensor, then positions the Bee within reach of the NFC-enabled payment terminal.

Radius notes that in the event of the device getting lost, if you are worried about your personal data being stolen, all you need to do is de-link the lost Bee from your mobile app. Once you do that, your device will not be capable of making payments any more.

Technically, this is a new product. However, the concept was first conceived in 2014. Therefore, unlike most other products that come up on crowdfunding sites, Bee has been through various development stages and revisions. Now, the company is simply looking for funding to help bring the final product to the wider market. According to Radiius, people who place a pre-order can get one Bee for$49, and two for $89. The company expects shipping for initial orders to begin from November.


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