Before you update your Innjoo One 3G to Lollipop, read this

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A while ago, we announced the Innjoo One 3G HD has just received an update to Lollipop. Before rushing to update your phone, here’s a bit of information you need to know. A number of users have complained: after doing the update, the phone gets stuck at the welcome page. It doesn’t go beyond there, even after rebooting.


Below is a testament from a Nairaland user:

Over the weekend, I stumbled on the firmware upgrade on their official website and of course proceeded to flash the ROM into my Innjoo ONE device since I have been anticipating to using the Latest version of Android (lollipop) on my device. Of course, it wasn’t my first time doing just that. I upgraded my ROM just lately with upgrade they publish before the lollipop sometimes in July/August I think.
Well, I flashed the ROM into my device and ended up with a BootLoop; it could not just go beyond the Lollipop welcome Screen (wizard setup). It kept on rebooting… I thought some fragments got missing during the downloads so I proceeded to download again this time without pausing or interfering with it in whichever way, Flashed again and got still same issue…. Lo & Behold, I realized I messed up but was it supposed to be more messy since I had no ROM backup….

The thing here is this:

Before upgrading, make sure you have your KitKat ROM backed up. This will come in handy in case the Lollipop fails to load on your phone.

Thanks to @DiaryofaGeek for pointing this to us.

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  1. Releasing half baked updates to your consumers and using same as Guinea Pigs for your bugs only obtains in a clime like Naija,how can these companies defend releasing this crap to the public..

  2. Had problem with mine initially but I must have made a mistake in doing it. I’m rocking the lollipop now without issues.

  3. InnJoo isn’t a Nigerian OEM, unless you’re claiming this update is specific to Nigeria i don’t see the correlation

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