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Less than a month ago, I wrote an article titled, MiFi devices need to become more user friendly. In that article, complained about the limitations of current MiFi devices and made the following case for improving them:

First on my list is the ability to subscribe to a data plan right on the device. That means SMS and USSD functionality. At the moment, you either have to take out the SIM to put in a phone or plug in to a PC in order to do that. Same goes for checking your usage, which is the second item on my list. Yes; it is a brief list, but adding the ability to carry out these two tasks on the device itself will take MiFi devices to a whole new level of user friendliness. This requires some means of text entry too, of course. In today’s world of touchscreen technology, perhaps it won’t be so difficult?

Well, the guys at AT & T and Novatel seem to have been thinking along similar lines as myself. They have launched the MiFi Liberate, a MiFi device that comes with a touchscreen display for easy navigation, allowing users to monitor their data usage, view the list of connected devices, change their wireless password, and see how much battery the gizmo has left. Battery life is expected to last up to 11 hours on a single charge. The MiFi Liberate also features a microSD card slot and media file hosting and streaming.


Talk of innovation. Talk of a more user-friendly MiFi.

I am looking forward to seeing similar specified MiFi devices that are not network-specific. I will be getting one to replace my current Huawei old-school type.

Source. Thanks to Onyeugbo Magnus for the tip-off.


  1. Will this mifi device work in nigeria? just got 1 and its not connecting with any mobile network or spectranete?? Any ideas

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