Behold the Solar-powered Mobile Phones

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Mobile World Congress 2009 threw up a number of efforts by major manufacturers to explore the world of solar-powered mobile phones. Those manufacturers include Samsung, LG, and ZTE.

Samsung has a touchscreen device named Blue Earth. LG’s teaser is yet to be named, while ZTE has dubbed theirs Coral 200. Of the three, ZTE’s offering is targeted at the low-end market.

The concept of solar-powered mobile phones is a good one. If you live in Nigeria, like I do, where public power supply is embarassingly and frustratingly pathetic, I can imagine that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look in that direction. Stop worrying about forgetting your charger at home too!

From left to right: Samsung blue Earth, LG's yet-to-be-named device, and the ZTE Coral-200
From left to right: Samsung Blue Earth, LG's yet-to-be-named device, and the ZTE Coral-200


  1. Quite interesting to see the mobile industry joining in the campaign for a greener world. I believe that is part of the reason for the production of this solar powered devices.

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