Well, well, welll. What do you know? Turns out there’s a Yahoo phone? I ran into an article on Wap Review that carried news of

Behold the Yahoo Phone

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Well, well, welll. What do you know? Turns out there’s a Yahoo phone? I ran into an article on Wap Review that carried news of the device. From the article:

Yahoo VP of Product Management Irv Henderson revealed the existence of a “Yahoo phone” which is now available now in Indonesia. The Alcatel branded Yahoo One Touch Net is a mid-range feature phone with a QWERTY form factor resembling a BlackBerry. It has a sub $100 unsubsidized price and is made by Hong Kong’s TCT Mobile Limited , a join venture between Alcatel-Lucent and TCL Communication of China. The Yahoo Phone uses the Opera Mini Browser and runs Java ME games and apps. It has a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, 2.5G (Edge) connectivity and an optical track pad. There are apps or links for Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Contacts, Calendar, the Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Search with Voice, Yahoo Social Pulse and Flickr.

Read the complete article over at Wap Review – Mobile 2.0 Business Day – The Yahoo Phone and Innovation From Africa and Asia

YahooPhone from Alcatel1

More information about the Yahoo Phone is available on the Alcatel Mobile phones website.

I am wondering if we will ever see this in Nigeria. Alcatel phones are no longer in circulation here as they used to be years back.


  1. Am Sure it will get to Nigeria we always get all the cheap phones. But I dont see anything special in this phone that an App can not do. Well, unless they have some deep integration under the hood.

  2. nothing too special about the phone. but at that priceci think its an absolute bargain.. off-topic. has zain blocked opera servers? i make use of d 100mb on my omnia and since saturday afternoon it has refused to connect. ucweb and all other apps work fine. a friend in ibadan has same issues, though he noticed his on saturday. im using an opera handler with a ‘workaround’ 😉 to post this. pls investigate..

  3. What do you know???
    Social networking and mobile email are the in-things nowadays and everyone is into the race. Interesting…..
    Ahh… Alcatel…. I remember those nice and solid phones…..

  4. Dis is a wonderful move by yahoo…. Nd for facebook,,, dey shudnt try it we are all gud with facebook as an integrated app on our phone..
    @yomi wen wud u do a review for the nokia c3

  5. Dr. Jab,

    Welcome to Mobility Nigeria. Please post in full, proper English, not SMS shorthand.


  6. well, this is an era where many businesses are trying to expand and break new grounds (apologies to to glo).

    it would not surprise me if Yahoo suddenly decides to buy a phone manufacturing company.

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