On the 10th of February 2010, I struck a deal with the sales lady at one of Nigeria’s top IT shops to take delivery of

Being Tech Savvy Could Save You Loads of Heartache and Cash

On the 10th of February 2010, I struck a deal with the sales lady at one of Nigeria’s top IT shops to take delivery of a Dell Vostro A840 at the price of N92,900. This was after I had researched the market for my little brother who wanted a HP or Dell laptop below N98,000. While I preferred another item, an Acer E-Machine E725 which was cheaper at N88,000 and had better features (the best of them being the Bluetooth and in built webcam which the Dell Vostro A840 lacked), I settled for the Dell. The offer included an external web cam, specifically a Logit Webcam.

The day after our discussion, I was at the retail outlet and paid for the laptop. As was written in their offer/advert, an external web cam was added to the mix. In the rush to get back home (because I’ve got this condition whereby whenever I’ve got something of great value of me, I feel as though everyone around me is a potential thief and is aiming at ridding me of my stuff.) I forgot to give the webcam a thorough look until I got home safely.

At home, I unpacked the webcam only to find out to my consternation that I had been given one of those poor made-in-China items. It was so poorly made that it looked as though the casing had been carved with a knife. As a matter offsact, the padding was already coming off.

Disgusted at myself for being so stupid as to have not checked the camera at the point of sale, I called the sales lady and after much deliberation, I was asked to return the next day to have it changed.

The next day, I waited over an hour at their main office before one of their representatives attended to me. He told me that the camera wasn’t bad at all even though it was “China”. I adamantly refused and stood my ground that I wasn’t leaving their premises without a Logit webcam. The only reason I bought the laptop was because the advert said LOGIT WEBCAM not CHINA WEBCAM.

Apologies were tendered again and he offered me yet another CHINA WEBCAM which by the way was better packaged than the first one ;). In one sentence, I made it clear I wanted MY LOGIT WEBCAM. Nothing more; nothing less. Somewhat frustrated with my adamant behavior and arrogance (No blame me, I paid my money and so I must demand quality for my money), he went away and got his “Oga” (Yoruba for Boss) to talk to me.

His “Oga” launched into some speech that ended with his telling me that the piece of crap was way better than a Logit webcam. Suppressing the weight of my anger, I told him I had seen and used a Logit webcam in the past and I don’t care if he feels the china webcam was better than the Logit. My little brother was expecting a Logit web cam and he was GOING TO GET IT! So help me God!

Seeing that his salesman speech was wasted on me, he got up, conferred with the Managing Director of the company and returned to tell me that there was no Logit webcam available in the market. He assured me that they could get me a Creative webcam if I could exercise some patience. Apparently, they had to go buy it elsewhere. Having used the Creative muV100 mp3 player in the past, I knew it was a quality brand, so I accepted the offer.

Thirty minutes later, he handed over a new Creative Live! Cam Chat, with the complaint that it had cost them way over what I had paid for it and that he didn’t even know why the webcam was so damn costly when it does the same function as the “China” one.

Creative Live Cam Chat
Creative Live Cam Chat

There and then I installed and tested the webcam and when he saw the quality of the picture, he had to admit that the quality was WAY BETTER than that the other webcams.

I thanked them graciously for their understanding and left having made up my mind that due to the way they had handled the situation; I was MOST DEFINITELY going to keep doing business with them, as well as recommending them to my friends.

Lesson for everybody: If I didn’t know my way around webcams and computers etc, I would have ended up with a USELESS webcam. Even if you ain’t tech savvy, try and research what you’re buying on the internet before entering the market where an undecided mind can be made to buy some COSTLY CRAP! I’ve talking from experience ?.

Lesson for the IT firm: They made a loss because what their advert displayed wasn’t in accordance with what they were actually offering and since the laptop had been opened, they couldn’t offer me a refund and thus they were left with no option other than paying more to get me a good webcam. At the same time they showed a bit of professionalism expected of a big establishment like theirs.

To the MD of the firm involved I say a big thank you for resolving the issue as amicably as possible. A police/court matter was diligently avoided because my mum, as always, was waiting patiently to cause trouble if the error wasn’t rectified.

Have a great weekend guys.


  1. True been tech savvy can sure rate you a lot of heartaches..my cousin was nearly conned into buying a china phone once thinking it was a real sony ecrisson phone..he had all but paid for it when he called me to assess the phone.

  2. @Oluniyi: Sorry for the dissappointment. lol

    @Martinkem : LOL. That’s exactly why my brother felt I was in a better place to help him get the laptop cos he could have been outrightly conned.

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