Nokia has finally rolled out the long awaited firmware update sequel to Symbian Anna. Dubbed “Nokia Belle”, the new firmware has been made available for

Belle On The Nokia E7

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Nokia has finally rolled out the long awaited firmware update sequel to Symbian Anna. Dubbed “Nokia Belle”, the new firmware has been made available for the Symbian^3 range of smartphones, including the E6, N8, E7, X7, C6-01, and now 500.

I had been using an unofficial version of Belle on my E7 for sometime before the update. As such, I could not update via the standard process. It had to be done manually. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally got it done and my E7 was smart bang up to date.

We have already seen Belle on both the N8 and the Nokia 701, so we don’t need to go through all the details again.

It is sufficient to say that Belle transforms the user interface of your Symbian^3 smartphone into something similar to what obtains on the N9. You can check out the two referenced links for more about Nokia Belle.

In summary, Belle brings the following: free-form, resizable, live widgets; more homescreens (now 6); improved status bar; modernised navigation; informative lock screen; Visual multitasking; and an improved web browser, amongst other benefits.

Bugs Ahoy!

Unfortunately, this official update also comes with some bugs, including the following:

  • When typing SMS, the character counter is missing
  • No visual email notifications
  • Wi-fi disconnects or goes dormant occasionally
  • Upload/sharing of photos/videos from Galleria is no longer available

I am not sure how all these were left out of the new firmware, but there you are. In addition, there were a few times that tapping shortcuts on the homescreen didn’t yield a response – all shortcuts.


App Updates

After the update to Belle, certain apps have updates waiting in the Nokia store. Be careful how you update.

For example, I had an issue with the IM for nokia (Chat) app. This app lets me use Yahoo Messenger on my Symbian^3 devices.

An update was available for this app, and I simply hit the update button. On restarting the phone after the update, I found that the chat app simply didn’t load any more.

Eventually, I decided to uninstall it. However, instead of uninstalling from inside the Settings menu, I simply tapped and held the app icon and selected “Delete” to uninstall. Wrong move.

To cut a long story short, I eventually had to go to the Settings menu to uninstall – and guess what, found two Chat apps under installed files. Apparently, the update had been installed side-by-side the older app, instead as a replacement.

Anyway, I uninstalled both, then went back to Nokia Store to re-install the IM For Nokia (Chat) app. After that, it worked smoothly and with a new sleeker widget too.


Nokia Belle is an excellent upgrade to Anna. It transforms any Symbian^3 smartphone into a totally different device. If you haven’t upgraded your device, I recommend that you do in the shortest possible time. In spite of the bugs I mentioned, it is a worthy upgrade.


  1. It is unsurprising that a major update like Nokia Belle would have some minor bugs.

    Better late than never… This will keep some of the indefatigable Symbian Loyalist happier for as long ax it goes…

  2. I keep seeing reasons to not flash my N8 with the official Belle. I’ve been using a stable, hacked, unofficial Belle since early December and it functions just fine.

  3. I had the Nokia E7 running Belle for about a week and can say it is a big improvement on the regular series60v5. But I still see it cannot compete favourably with an iOS 5 or android gingerbread in many areas. Better than iOS in the file management arena as well as in the multitasking duties but the interface still need more polishing and there is still need for more apps in Nokia store. Also, personally, I prefer the side scrolling menu of the android & iOS.

    Nice try. But for the killing of Symbian, I believe if given time, they could easily overtake the other platforms.

  4. but the interface still need more polishing

    Still waiting for a more memory_efficient app than SPB Mobile Shell 3D -for the ultimate Symbian interface experience..

    and there is still need for more apps in Nokia store

    I would not say paucity of apps is one of the problems for Symbian.

    Although i do not have any empirical data to support this, i believe there are more apps in’the wild’ than even in the official Nokia Store.

    Sourcing your app from’the Wild’ is, thankfully, alot less dangerous than on the AndriOS..

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