Picking the best 4G network in Nigeria isn’t an easy feat, but it isn’t impossible. Here is a detailed breakdown of 4G service coverage across the country, and from which we picked the best.


Which is the best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019?

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The Mobility Arena team set out to examine all of the available 4G LTE network operators and services and to determine which is the best 4G network in Nigeria at this time.


4G has been alive and well in Nigeria for a number of years now and almost every other year, a new 4G network is added to the list. At the last count, we had 11 of them, the most recent being VDT LTE, which was launched just this year.

For starters, here is the full list of active LTE networks in the country and their coverage range.


The operational 4G networks in Nigeria

  1. Globacom – coverage in cities and towns in every state
  2. Airtel – coverage in cities and towns in every state
  3. MTN – coverage in cities and town in every state
  4. 9mobile – coverage in cities and towns in most states
  5. Smile Communications – coverage in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha and Asaba (more than 8 states)
  6. Spectranet – coverage in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt (more than 3 states)
  7. Ntel – coverage in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt (3 states)
  8. InterC – coverage in Abuja, Kaduna, and Port Harcourt (3 states).
  9. Swift – coverage in Lagos (one state)
  10. VDT LTE – coverage in Lagos (one state)
  11. CyberSpace – coverage in Lagos (one state).

Most of these networks are extremely limited in their coverage. Of the 11, only 6 have coverage in more than 3 states of the country, and of those, only the big 4 GSM operators can boast of 4G coverage in every state. The others are active in 3 states and less.

the best 4G network in Nigeria
What factors do we consider in picking the best 4G network in Nigeria?

As such, in picking the best 4G network in Nigeria, one has to consider certain factors, including:

  1. Coverage
  2. Quality of service
  3. Price

These are the 3 critical factors behind subscriber choices. The ideal LTE network of choice should have very good coverage, offer good quality of service, and be affordable for a sizable number of people in its target market.

MobilityArena Choice: The best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019

Airtel 4G LTE
Airtel 4G is the best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019

The coveted spot of the best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019 goes to Airtel 4G. The networks comes tops head and shoulder above the rest of the competition.

In arriving at Airtel 4G as the best 4G network in Nigeria, we looked at all 3 factors – Coverage, Quality of Service, and Price.


Airtel’s 4G LTE coverage is the widest in Nigeria – over 60 cities and towns as at October 2018 – is often very fast, often reliable, and offers some of the most pocket-friendly tariff plans available today.

airtel 4g coverage in nigeria

Light (and budget) users can easily subscribe to a 1.5GB data plan with 30 days validity for just N1,000.


Heavy users will do well to look at subscribing to the Airtel Daily Binge plan that offers 2GB data for N500 daily. In 30 days, that comes to 60GB data volume for just N15,000. And there is no speed throttling, which is a practice among some 4G networks, especially those offering high volume bundles. That is far more cost effective than what is obtainable from most other 4G wireless providers.

In terms of actual speeds, Airtel 4G regularly clocks 14Mbps and above in download speed, even during peak periods.


With an Airtel 4G SIM card in a mifi, smartphone or 4G feature phone, there is a package for all budgets and subscribers do not have to worry about travelling out of town and being left in the dark. Where Airtel 4G coverage may be non-existent, the network’s 3G network is available to fall back on.

PS: Because individual experiences and preferences matter, come cast your vote for the best 4G network you have used.

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  2. Been looking for your write up on Glo 4g additional bandwidth.. wanted to comment that’s it’s true, passing through Ibadan and my phone that doesn’t have that 28(700) is now getting Glo 4g.

    Also I agree with Airtel 4g being the best, it’s speed is above the rest. And it’s response time is commendable.

  3. Can’t agreelsess with this write up. I have used all the big 4’s LTE network at one point or the other in different parts of the country. Have come to pitch my tent with airtel’s 4G. Very reliable, wide coverage and pretty fast. Though for me from the price point, glo has the best price to volume of data but their 4G network gets my phone hot when actively in use and also drains the battery of my mifi in no time when in use. All this doesn’t happen on airtel.

  4. Airtel ke, Mr MO may be right but I totally disagree with him for not adding a clause, workability of every 4g network is based on location. I have used all the 4g networks except the new two in Lagos none ever make me happy like Glo, nobody will want to hear this, but I am talking about my experience, in my location I have full 5bars lte network, with just just N3000. I got around 10k extra to make calls, with 18gb of data from GLO what else do I want? I don’t usually monitor the speed as I got things done faster that before it is good for me also I have never had any issue with the network as I choose to put the network in 4g alone. This is my experience anyway.

  5. Mr mo is not only referring to network bars here, but the actual speed… Do test that and get back to us.. thank you

  6. Ehis I believe you saw and read the headline, ‘Which is the best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019?’ also Mr MO based his conclusions on three major things……… “As such, in picking the best 4G network in Nigeria, one has to consider certain factors, including:

    Quality of service
    Of which I explain how it works for me on Glo network, even the speed, unless if you didn’t read my reply to the end. Bro the fact that you agreed with him totally does not mean I should, I don’t do eye service. Stating my experience with Glo does not mean I hate Airtel, I have 4 active Airted lines, I am just been factual about my experience with Glo network. Anyway to your question, if Glo network got a page loaded in less than two seconds, I watch two hours movie without stopping, download my phone update (I have forgotten the size but it is much) in less than 15min I don’t need a taperule I am satisfied with that speed. Please note that Airtel 3g does not work perfectly in my area, No 4g at all, the basis of my reply.

  7. I totally agree with the result of research on this topic, Airtel had better 4G plan than others, Everywhere I visited Airtel is always available..Glo was a disappointment…

  8. I totally agree with those who have Delineated about their own experience in 4g network well, nothing but the truth is that airtel remains the best and Fastest network in nigeria.
    thank u

  9. I can attest to the reliability of the Airtel 4G Network coverage. It is fast and free of blips. This article is well researched.

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