Billions of people access the internet every day. Most of them do so from their mobile device. Android OS is the most used mobile operating

The Best Android Browsers of 2016

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Billions of people access the internet every day. Most of them do so from their mobile device. Android OS is the most used mobile operating system in the world. It powers more than half of the smartphones in the world. A web browser is a software use for presenting, retrieving and transferring information across the WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW). This article reviews the best Android browsers in 2016.

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Using any of the best Android browsers to surf the internet not only gives you a good browsing experience on your Android device, but also means getting the information you are looking for faster. Choosing the best Android browsers to use is like choosing between numerous brand of smartphones around today, meaning there are many to choose from.

There are certain features you need to look out for while choosing the best web browser for Android in 2016. These features are speed, user interface (UI), security management, download manager, sync across devices, and data management. Though all web browsers have their own pros and cons, below are the best Android browsers as at the time of writing this post.

The Best Android Browsers of 2016: The List

Here is the list! I hope you find one of them suited to your needs and taste.

1. Google Chrome Browser for Android

Google Chrome is one of the best Android browsers and it is pre-installed on virtually all Android devices out there. Some Android users say they use Chrome for this reason. It was there ready on their first Android device and they have stayed with it.

Apart from the fact that it is owned and managed by Google and pre-installed on most Android devices, it is a very fast browser. It offers you an awesome user experience while surfing the internet. Its data saver feature is very close to that of Opera Max. Google Chrome is also versatile because of numerous awesome extensions. It easily renders any website either it is HTML5 or flash supported. These features are available on both the regular and beta version of Chrome browser for Android.

Other Features of Chrome Browser

  • Chrome’s Do not track feature ensures your security on the web.
  • Built in Data saver for bandwidth control or optimized data usage.
  • History, Favorite/Bookmarks Sync across all device.
  • Private/Incognito mode to maintain privacy.
  • Voice search for instant searches.
  • Self customizable interface.

2. Opera Browser for Android

Opera browser is undoubtedly one of the best Android browsers around with over 50 million installation from Google play store. It is well known for its data saving feature, low RAM and battery usage, simple, but yet awesome user interface and it has been around for a very long time.

I have been using Opera browser on mobile device since the era of Java. Opera has been used on desktop for over 20 years and its Android version is nothing but awesome with virtually all its desktop features plus extra features. All in all, the best feature Opera browser is loved for is the built in data saving feature to compress webpages, videos and files.

Other Features of Opera Browser of Android

  • Opera Turbo helps render web pages faster and save data.
  • Easy tabs navigation.
  • Private tab added to safeguard your privacy.
  • Ads blocker included.
  • Easy management of all your download.
  • Sync data across all devices.

3. UC Browser for Android

UC browser is another great web browser for Android devices. It is known for its awesome download manager which offers fast downloading speed with resume support option. UC browser allows you to download multiple files without slowing down internet speed. It also has a file manager that helps manage the downloads.

Other Features of UC Browser for Android

  • Easy, smooth and awesome browsing experience.
  • File manager to manage all downloads.
  • High speed downloading with resume capability.
  • Incognito Mode for private browsing.
  • UC Turbo to render webpages for faster browsing experience.
  • Supports Flash.

4. Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox is not only one of the best Android browsers, but also one of the most used web browsers across all operating system. Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser which opens it to lot of awesome features and customization. Its reader mode allows you read articles online without worrying about clutter like ads. It is among the few Android web browsers that support flash.

Firefox for android is known for its self customization, awesome browsing experience, ability to save webpages for later viewing, and supports tons of Adds-ons.

Other Features of Mozilla Firefox for Android

  • Self customisable home panels.
  • Easy Sync of history/bookmarks across device.
  • Supports add-ons for different tasks.
  • Private browsing supported.
  • Supports various gestures.
  • Flash supported.
  • Do not track feature for save web surfing.

5. Dolphin Browser for Android

This is one of the best android browsers I have used. It is very fast and manages open tabs in an awesome manner. It has a simple, yet powerful user interface (UI). It also has other great features.

Other Features of Dolphin Browser

  • Browser store for installing apps and add-ons.
  • Numerous gestures for surfing experience.
  • Custom rendering engine for optimized browsing speed.
  • Flash player is supported.
  • Classic and list style tab browsing.
  • One tap sharing to other apps and social networks.
  • Highly customizable with control panel.

6. CM Browser for Android

Though CM browser is new in the game, it has found its way to the list of top browsers for Android because it is light and fast. After using this browser, I always find myself crawling back to it when the priority is to access the internet faster. It has high downloading speed and uses low RAM and memory. It does not have some of the powerful features that Chrome, UC, and Firefox do, but it does a great job at accessing the internet faster.

Other Features of CM Browser for Android

  • Browsing protection.
  • Speed dial.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • Page translator.
  • Text search.
  • Font size adjustment.

Other Good Android Browsers

  • Next Browser.
  • Maxthon Browser.
  • Link Bubble Browser.
  • Mercury Browser.
  • Puffin Web Browser.

You can download and install any of the above browsers from Google Play Store.

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  1. This list isn’t complete or by aby means accuraye, if you’re leaving out Opera Mini and the Samsung Internet Browser.
    The Opera Mini besides having 350 million users more than Firefox or Dolphin, offers the best compression in the business. With the new dual compression mode which allows users to chose the level of compression they like. Personally i think Opera should be at very top of the list.

    Then there’s the preinstalled Samsung Internet which has gotten surprising good, after trying out the new 4.0 version it’s become my default browser. It’s renders pages well, lighter on system resource than Chrome, Saves pages, syncs bookmarks, it’s got adblocking via extensions. I justmmight surprise you the numbers of n00bs that use this Browsercos it’s shows up on their Touchwiz launcher default homepage.

  2. I agree with Matinkem. Opera mininis one of the most popular browsers and offers the best data saving and compression features although it lacks in rebdering web pages very well.
    Apart from these lists, there are other Best Web Browsers that you might like to know

  3. The Opera Mini besides having 350 million users more than Firefox or Dolphin, offers the best compression in the business

    I think that’s a common misconceived platitude. That crown belongs to UC Mini Browser .. referring to both the worldwide number of users, and data compression efficiency

    In choosing the best browser, I would certainty give that crown to UC Browser (Full). It is extremely fast, beautiful, compresses data and does everything I need a browser to do, flawlessly.

    Generally, the UC (both mini and full) perform exceptionally well when the network is crappy, and delivers abundantly where other browsers choke . And that, above all other factors, is the most important, second only to webpage beauty.

  4. Not sure I would include Samsung Internet browser as it’s not something you can download from the Google Play Store.

  5. UC Browser is just a download manager to me. It sucks at rendering webpages. With the changes coming on the 15th of September it would even less useful to me.

    I’ve got UC Mini on my Blackberry and comparing it to Opera Min, i say Opera Mini has the edge in compression. The pages are rendered better while ssaving data.

    @Wizy if you turn off Extreme data compression, Opera Mini renders pages about the same way Chrome does while still saving data.

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