The best Black Friday phone deals of 2019

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It is that time of the year again when everything is up for grabs at the lowest prices. Everywhere you turn, there aere deals for one thing or the other, and mobile phones aree not left out of it. We have compiled the the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019 just for you.

You will find smartphone brands like Nokia and TECNO pushing various deals this season. Are any of them exciting enough to make you jump at them? I was thinking about how we read news of Black Friday deals with discounts of up to $150 on certain smartphones. That boils down to about N53,000 discount.

Are there any solid Black Friday deals of that magnitude available here? Jump in to find out and to see which smartphone you will be tempted to buy this season.

The best Black Friday phone deals of 2019: Entry-level and budget offers

Let’s have a look at the entry-level/budget offers first.

TECNO Spark 4

TECNO SPARK 4 in hand

TECNO is pushing the Spark 4 at a discounted price of ₦17,250. But getting one at that price does not appear to be as straightforward as walking into a store with the cash. Read up how to get the Spark 4 for this price HERE.

Nokia 2.1

Nokia 2.1 Blue-Silver

Nokia has a couple of phones on offer this Black Friday, and the Nokia 2.1 is one of them. It is available at the discounted price of ₦20,000. Where to buy? Head to Finet, Jumia, Kong, Finet, Slot, and 3Chub stores close to you.

Nokia 2.2

Nokia 2.2 review

Nokia 2.2 is a fine budget smartphone that we have reviewed here. See our Nokia 2.2 review. It is available at a discount of ₦4,500 at Slot this friday. That means, you will be spending only ₦21,500 to pick it up.

The best Black Friday phone deals of 2019: Mid-rangers

In mid-range territory, I have spotted a few deals that should interest you.

Infinix Zero 6

Infinix Zero 6 Pro

Ordinarilly, you would have to fork out almost ₦100,000 to get your hands on the Infinix Zero 6, but thanks to Black Friday, you can pick one up from Slot for just ₦78,000. That is a ₦20,000 discount. Not a bad deal at all.

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Samsung Galaxy A20s 2019
Samsung Galaxy A20s 2019 is not exactly one of the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019, but it is worth a mention.

The Samsung Galaxy A20s i is new in the market, a mild upgrade to the Galaxy A20. I spotted a so-called Black Friday deal for it on Jumia, but it is a joke. It is being offered for ₦53,790 instead of ₦62,460 (real figure from Jumia site). The A20s is being sold for around ₦55,000 everywhere else. Jumia is at their usual Black Friday mago-mago again. That doesn’t mean that the site may not have some valid deals at this time, but this one of Samsung A20s is BS. Pardon my French.

Anyway, if you want the Galaxy A20s, Slot has a Black Friday deal for ₦50,500. It isn’t a huge discount. and so is not really one of the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019. What you get is a mere ₦5,000 cut from the regular selling price. But considering that this is a new model and a number of people would be interested in it, I thought it was worth mentioning here.

The best Black Friday phone deals of 2019: The Premium Class

And now, we move to the high-end or premium class of offers this Black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note10 is one of the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note10 is one of the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 costs about ₦330,000, but you can snap it up for a discount of about ₦30,000 this Black Friday. It is easilly one of the best Black Friday phone deals of 2019. If you have ₦299,000 to spend on a flagship smartphone, head to Spar this friday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Spar also has a juicy deal on the Note 10 Plus. For just ₦345,000, which is about the same ₦30,000 discount as its smaller twin, you can go home with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus this Friday. Spar is the place you want to go for that.

Have you spotted any other phone deals for this Black Friday? Do share the information in the comments section below. I will update this post with any additional offers that I run into.

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