Everywhere you turn in Nigeria, one network or the other is deploying a 4G LTE network. From the big four mobile players to the smaller kids on…

Best budget 4G smartphones in Nigeria in 2018

Everywhere you turn in Nigeria, one network or the other is deploying a 4G LTE network. From the big four mobile players to the smaller kids on the block like Smile, Ntel, InterC, Spectranet and Swift, there is an abundance of 4G service providers to pick from. To enjoy 4G internet, you will need a 4G smartphone or modem/mifi/router. If you are on a lean budget and are shopping for the best budget 4G smartphones available in Nigeria, we have done the homework for you.


Best budget 4G smartphones

Best budget 4G smartphones: Mobility Arena Pick

Forget all the other lists for cheapest 4G smartphones that indicate devices costing NGN 50,000 and above. Our list below gives you the most affordable 4G smartphones in the market.

  1. Yezz Andy C5VP: NGN 20,000. See full specifications. Here is our Yezz Andy C5VP 4G test results, as well as our Yezz Andy C5VP review.
  2. Lenovo A2010: NGN 29,000
  3. TECNO W3 LTE: NGN 34,000
  4. Lumia 550: NGN 31,500. See full specifications.
  5. BlackBerry Q5: NGN 37,000
  6. Alcatel Pop 4: NGN 38,000 – 40,000. See specifications.
  7. Alcatel Pop 4 Plus: NGN 38,000 – 44,000
  8. Blackberry Q10: NGN 44,000

Unfortunately, we do not have a review for all the above-listed budget 4G smartphones, so we can’t provide you with more detailed information about them. But these are the best budget 4G smartphones around at this time. Note that the above prices vary from one retailer to the other and also change as currency exchange rates fluctuate.


Do not forget to check whether the 4G phone you want to buy is compatible with your network of choice. You might want to read this help article: 4G LTE compatibility: before you buy that 4G smartphone.


You may also want to see the Mobility Arena list of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria as a reference document.


Cheat Sheet/Expo

Slot is currently selling their stock of BlackBerry 10 smartphones at huge discounts. For example, you can get the Q5 for NGN 20,000, the Q10 for NGN 25,000, and the Z30 for NGN 30,000. These are 4G smartphones as well. they do not qualify as Best budget 4G smartphones in 2018, but they are great bargains now. Hurry, if interested. It is a limited offer promo.

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