Buyer Guide: Best Cheap Android Smartphones of 2017

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There are plenty of cheap Android smartphones out there. Cheap smartphones have the most basic specs and features possible. That means they are not great at anything. As such, if you are interested in one, you really should look out for those that offer you the best performance. Fortunately, you have us here at MobilityArena to help you select the best cheap Android smartphones available.

Let’s specify the important information that you need to have.

Traits of The Best Cheap Android Smartphones

  1. Software

    Get a cheap Android smartphone that runs pure Android OS. Why? Custom user interfaces that manufacturers add to phones are more demanding. On cheap smartphones that already have the barest minimum power, a custom UI is a bad idea. It will further use up the phone’s resources. The best cheap Android smartphones run stock Android OS

  2. RAM

    If possible, pick a phone with a minimum of 1 GB RAM. Anything less than that nd you will have headaches with switching between apps and multitasking. Avoid 512 MB RAM like it is the plague if multitasking is important to you.

  3. After-sales Support

    If you are hunting for a cheap Android smartphone, it means you are not willing or able to spend a lot of money. Pick a phone that has local after-sales support. Make sure there is warranty on it too. That way, when your phone has problems, the issues can be resolved by taking it to a local service centre. The best cheap Android smartphones for you are those that have local support.

In terms of software, cheap smartphones do not get software updates. They are just not worth the trouble for the manufacturers. As such, make sure the model you pick has software that is as recent as possible. The most recent version of Android OS at this time is version 8 Oreo. You are better off with a cheap smartphone running Android 7 Nougat than with one running Android 4 Kitkat.


You may not find a cheap Android smartphone that meets all of the above criteria. There are a few other criteria you might be interested in to. Battery capacity is one of them. Camera too. At the end of the day, you will have to arrive at a delicate balance between all these factors.

The Best Cheap Android Smartphones of 2017

Now that we have gotten the information bit out of the way, let’s show you the best cheap Android smartphones that are available at the time of publishing this in October 2017.

  • Freetel ICE 2

    4-inch screen. Stock Android 7 Nougat. 1 GB RAM. 3MP camera. 1350 mAh battery. Price: N13,000. Freetel ICE 2 Specs. Freetel ICE 2 Review.

  • TECNO W1

    4-inch screen. Android 7.0 Nougat. 1 GB RAM. 3MP camera. 1800 mAh battery. Price: N16,500. TECNO W1 Specs.

  • Fero A4502

    4.5-inch display. Stock Android 6 Marshmallow. 512 MB RAM. 5MP camera. 3,000 mAh battery. N16,500. Fero A4502 Specs.

In summary, go for the Freetel ICE 2 if you are really short on cash and for the best performance of our three picks. Go for the TECNO W1 if you want slightly better battery life, and the Fero A4502 is your uncle if a tougher and bigger screen, photography and battery life are of utmost importance to you. All three of them have quad-core processors and after-sales support in Nigeria.

Wrap Up

The above list of budget smartphones will change over time, but do not forget the tips and hints we provided for picking a great cheap Android smartphone. They will always come in handy.


  1. Avoid 512 MB RAM like it is the plague

    Fero A4502 – RAM 512MB

    Does Mr “Mo” stand for “Moses”…. we no want plaque o.

  2. Deji,

    See my life. I got carried away I have qualified that statement now. Thanks for always keeping a sharp eye on our articles. You rock!

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