Best Custom ROM for Xperia X1

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Ever since I was introduced to flashing custom ROMs on Windows Mobile by Brym ( see his articles, My Experience with Flashing ROMs, and Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs Everywhere), I have flashed at least 13 different ROms on my X1.

At first, I was fascinated with the prospects of having my version 6.1 device updated to version 6.5, so I played with version 6.5 ROMs from the beginning. However, it did not take me long to find out that as good as some of them are, they were not so stable.

My X1 is primarilly a worktool, and fairly frequent crashes and freezes were out of the question for me. I also noticed that video recordings on almost all 6.5 ROMs I tried out was not as good as on the stock ROM.

The result was that I began to hunt for the most stable custom ROMs, and found that version 6.1 ROMs were what I should be exploring. Having tried a couple of them on the recommendation of the active community at the XDA Developers forum, I have found that the most stable, and the one I have come to keep is the version 6.1 ROM by Smaberg, Touch X 10.1 ULTIMATE X-TREME “FINAL”.

Video recording works well. It has TouchFlo 3D built-in, touch friendly menus, good user interface performance, and fine reception. While it does not have some of the extra bells and whistles of the version 6.5 ROMs, it works very well and keeps me happy.

If you own an X1, you cannot go wrong with Touch X 10.1. Screenshots below.




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