I’ve heard so many people say they want to attach one or two videos together and also do some minor edits on the video, but

Here are the Best Free Video Editing Applications For Android phones

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I’ve heard so many people say they want to attach one or two videos together and also do some minor edits on the video, but they don’t have a computer. I have compiled a list of the best free video editing applications that any Android smartphone owner can use.

Most people still believe they need to have a computer to edit a video, even making minor edits. The truth is that you can edit videos using your mobile phones.

Though editing videos with mobile phones is now getting popular, but most people still don’t know which video editing apps to use and the features available on them.

If you have an iPhone, you can easily use the free iMovie app for all your video editing. Surprisingly, this app is very powerful and has no in-app advertisements. Sadly, there is no free Android app that is as capable.

This doesn’t actually mean that there are no Android apps to do some edits on your videos. It is just that only a few are really great at it and the functionalities of the free ones are limited to the basics. The free ones you’ll encounter will either be limited in function, contain in-app advertisements, or impose a watermark on your videos.

The Best Free Video Editing Applications

So, let’s have a look at the very best free video editing applications you can find for your Android smartphone. Let’s dive in!


best free video editing applications - Kinemaster

This is my favourite actually 😉 . If you need a video editing app that is easy to use, has so many advanced features like multi-layer tracks, Kinemaster is the one for you.

Out of all the apps here, this is the one that has the most easy to understand interface. It is neatly designed with nice color codes for several kinds of media. It also has the feature to adjust the position and lengths of clips in your timeline. This is the closest video editing Android app to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Kinemaster has a premium plan which gives you a free trial for 7-day, then you pay $4 monthly or $30 yearly.


best free video editing applications - InShot

This is also a basic video editor with a neatly designed interface. Unlike most of the other apps, InShot is not infested with ads. Though this app has in-app ads, but they do not really get in the way too much.

With InShot, you can trim clips, add filters and music, add texts and stickers, and even control the speed of the video. This app gets a thumbs up from me.

It does have a premium ad-free version that costs a one-time fee of $4.

Crop & Trim Video

best free video editing applications - Crop & Trim Video

Crop &Trim Video is the only free video editing app on this list that does not add a watermark to your video when you export or share it. It has basic functions like trimming or merging videos, don’t bother to look for advanced features in this app because you won’t get them. You can’t even add layers or an audio track to your videos.

It is completely free and has no premium plan.


best free video editing applications - Viva Video

This is actually one of the most used mobile video editing apps out there. Almost every short clip I see has the VivaVideo watermark, indicating that the app was used in creating those clips.

VivaVideo only covers the basics: it does not support layers, and only a few effects can be added to videos. You also have the option to easily connect and trim your videos.

Some things I don’t like about this application are its quite messy interface and different pop-ups giving several announcements about its stand-out features.

This video editing app has a premium plan which gives you leeway to create videos of more than 5 minutes in length, more than 480p resolution, and some other added features. The subscription costs $4.50 monthly and $15 yearly.


best free video editing applications - VideoShow

This is also a very popular video editing application and its interface is similar to that of VivaVideo, but its user experience is not as good. You are welcomed to some random effects and themes that the app is almost forcing you to buy.

Also after using it for a short while, you’re going to get tired of pop-up advertisements appearing from different angles telling you to purchase the premium subscription which costs $20

Action Director

best free video editing applications - Action Director

This is also a very basic application which has features like controlling the speed of each clips, reversing each clips, you can also trim your videos and add texts, transitions, stickers, and audio.

The downside is that it does not support layer, its interface is outdated so it’s obviously not one of the prettiest out there.

If you want to export high-resolution videos like 4K and 1080p, you have to subscribe to their plan, which costs $5 per month.

These are the best free video editing applications out there, and you can get them all on Google Play Store. As you can see, you mostly get basic functionality. If you really need a video editing app on Android without any limitations or watermarks, you need to part with some money. All the best!

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