Are you looking for the most value for money data plan in Nigeria? Here is our analysis and finding from hunting for the best mobile

What is the best mobile data plan in Nigeria?

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Are you looking for the most value for money data plan in Nigeria? Here is our analysis and finding from hunting for the best mobile data plan in Nigeria.

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2016 has been an exciting year so far for mobile subscribers in Nigeria. The first half of the year has seen a very fierce war among the mobile operators for the soul of mobile internet. Each operator has tweaked existing data plans and launched new ones to offer better value to consumers.

Best mobile data plan in Nigeria

2G, 3G, and 4G Data Plans

Subscribers are getting spoilt for choice of data plans from the various operators. There is great anticipation for broadband internet from new 4G LTE operators. But Airtel has pulled a surprise stunt and launched 2G network data plans. These are plans at rock bottom prices which provide internet only via GPRS and EDGE. Many subscribers have complained about this move, but there are those who applaud it as a great move to provide affordable internet to millions of low income Nigerians, especially outside of the big cities.

Ntel Monthly Smartphone Data Plan

In that light, Airtel’s 2G data plans are great for low income earners and first time users in the countryside. But those plans are useless to people who live and work on the bleeding edge of the digital world. The data plan that takes the cake as the very best in Nigeria at the moment is Ntel’s Smartphone Data Monthly plan. This data plan gives subscribers “uncapped” internet at broadband speeds for 30 days at the cost of N10,000 only. Nothing else in the Nigerian mobile landscape comes close to touching it right now in terms of value.

Truly Unlimited?

I doubt that the Ntel data plan is truly unlimited. There was some initial uproar over Ntel capping it at 3GB daily, but the operator has wisely removed that clause and left generic fair usage conditions in its place.

But let us argue that such a limitation is still silently in place. It means a subscriber gets 30 x 3G = 90GB data monthly for just N10,000. That is still huge value for money compared to what is available from other operators. Plus, it is much faster than the competition. The only snag for now is limited coverage. If you are looking for great value and live within coverage area, no other mobile data plan in Nigeria comes close right now.

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  1. Please, which one is better than it. It’s not enough to dispute it’s position as the best.

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